14 Feb 2013

Thoughts - The Red Collard Dog

I have a dog, he was never trained well in social behaviour. When new people show up at the flat he get's very excited and wants to play with them. When we meet people while outside he'll bolt towards them stop right in front of them and bark very loudly. It's scary but he's just telling them he's got his eye on them and play nice.

Now imagine you're a runner out at night doing a 10k when you round a quiet corner road when a black ninja dog suddenly appears in front of you projecting a sonic wall. It's funny.

Moby - Ninja Dog
You see my dog is timid. This is what we see most of the time.

Now my love note to my pooch.

I saw a female ridgeback just standing in the snow when I took out Moby. Moby challenges other dogs if they are aggressive or dominant and bullies timid pooches. Well this dog was lost, away from home and cold. She warmed up her paws on my legs and when I started to follow her trail, she bolted ahead of me on top of the hill that cuts off the street from the rest of the area.

She looked back at me and ran off. I took a look at the top of the hill and she was gone.

She had a red collar with no address.

To the owners of that pretty girl. Muckle on to your dog and take care of her. She is sweet, nice and very energetic. She deserves better.

I was not a dog person, my younger brother Big Bear is the dog person. My wife Lady Bear introduced me to Moby and he's the little Bear in the family.

He's almost 9 years old and for his breed, (German Shepard/Bernese) thats getting onto years. He acts the pup and just loves everyone.

We are grand powerful creatures of such ability and wonder. Our pets are other lives that we've claimed to protect and care for. Those that have taken up the role understand and those thinking of taking up the role must come to terms that a responsibility.

To Longsword and Tony, Ontos and the chincilla, Vandread and Sammy, The Sugars and Simon, Big Bear and Daisy... the list goes on. To you I tip my hat and say;