4 Feb 2013

The Media - Hope for the Stars

Well there is plenty out there on the situation with Star Wars. The Franchise has been sold to the mouse who also owns and pushed the Marvel flicks. JJ Abrams who re-launched Star Trek is slotted to direct the next full Star Wars flick.

This is gona be a big job.

My first concern is the Expanded Universe. There are decades of great stories in the comics: Dark Empire I & II, the tales of Jedi Quilan Vos, and Crimson Empire; video games with the Jedi Outcast series and Shadows of the Empire; and novels like the Thrawn Trilogy. All of this work, experience and world building could be thrown out the window. My fear is a full reboot of the expanded universe which would make the connections to ongoing shows like the Clone Wars with Quilan Vos hard to explain again.

The expanded universe is big and their is lots to take out of the creations that came from those endeavors and some should be cut. But to do so would unvalidate everything. You can't pick and chose your history. Lucas did that when he releases the original flicks with 'adjustments' to the story. Everyone gets all pissy about it, so doing it to a whole universe much larger then the films is just crazy talk and could ruin the whole IP.

My second concern is the next flick. Now I liked the last Star Trek the plot holes are easy to ignore when you remember the idea is in space with aliens and the Space UN.

What does the flick mean for the rest of the IP? Where will it be placed in the time line and where will it take place physically? What can the story be about when everything else is pretty much covered? Do we need another epic story in Star Wars and can one be pulled off?

I dunno the proper replies to these questions and I'm not sure what to say outside of "I hope they know what they are doing".

I do feel confident that it will be treated with some level of success with evidence towards Disney's success with the Marvel IP that control in film format. I long for the day that Fox and Sony yield their Marvel Film IPs so they can jump on the success of the current Film offerings and possibly avoid issues like the last Spiderman flick and the backroom bullshit that hurt the not-bad-in-my-opinion-could-have been-worse Punisher:War Zone.

Do we want to see the old gang. Fisher is not the same and is doing well post addiction, Ford is a whole other creature that has gone beyond the humble Solo character, while Hamel is known more for his voice then his other acting. Only Williams could pull off his old role with any style and remembrance to the first trilogy.

What do I wish? Other then not fucking it up I love heist flicks and having a big Heat/Takers/Italian Job movie before A New Hope with the Empire as the victim would be awesome. Pull in some scoundrels even a young Solo, Chew and Lando to pull the job and look at the start of an insurgence on the side of good. Maybe some terrorist style actions by the new rebels and the fight to stay on the side of good versus the not publicly evil Empire.

There are chances here that I hope are taken.