26 Feb 2013

Table Top - The Smaller Games part 4

Heavy Gear: Arena

From the site in their own words:

Sounds pretty fancy and in your face... sounds very Torgue. 

So Heavy Gear Arena.

I've played this game before and it was pretty good. The rules are similar to Heavy Gear but they are not the same. Modifiers are similar and the way you roll dice are the same but the action sequence enough of a shift you need to go over the rules a few times to not bugger things up. 

My favorite part is to set up a league and put some teams together. Make your manager, figure out who's backing you, what type of pilots, and what Gears you're looking to field. That's even before the gameplay.

You can use all the gears you're using to play Heavy Gear: Blitz. But some of the more custom gears and fancy splashes of colour encourage getting a few units just for the game. Add in the fact the more common military Gears are not as common in Arena and you find many more older models of Gear chassis being used. 

Verdict - 

Heavy Gear Arena looks like a bucket of fun. Now I've only played a few games and the rule book is well laid out minus a few issues. The combat sequence is not as clear as I'd like and it gets confusing for new players. I love the team building and experience system. I just wish the rest of the book was as well laid out. 

Now the starter box is the most disappointing part of the whole deal. For close to $70 bucks CND, you get a cheep measuring tape, 4d6, and only four minis with a miniature black and white rulebook. Since the game has a slew of markers needed to play adding those, enough for 4 minis should have been more important then the little measuring tape. This issue and the cost make it hard to pick up since I already have minis. This of course for a company trying to come back from the void after long absence does not help the already difficult position. 

Why are these not in the starter box?
DP9 - You make great games, you just fail at little things
The models are awesome and being able to mix and match with the rest of the Heavy Gear line is a big bonus and makes it easy to quickly jump in with some minis. Heavy Gear: Arena is at the top of my list from the three that's I've gone over this month simply because I have some Heavy Gear minis and playing around in the game should be an easy fix. Of course this summer the free rule books made it even simpler. 

All in all, DP9 is sorting out their shit and the games are looking great. They have a great product here even with my few issues. 


So the month is over and I've looked at a few new games. Of course there are a few more out there and I'm hoping the next short month I'll be able to go over some more smaller gems next year...