19 Feb 2013

Table Top - The Smaller Games part 3


In their own words:

Another odd duck from Malifaux

So Malfaux, another game played on the smaller tables. With some odd ball factions, freakish minis and a neat set of rules to muck about with. Malfaux is growing and with Kickstarter it's growing fast. Once again I've not yet played but after yammer with a few folks who do play and by exploring the interwebs I'm just exploring adding this game to my list of things to play.

So first off the setting and feel of the setting is odd ball, punk, gothic and necromantic. It's a mix bag of neat and I can see that it's not for everyone. If anything the style could be the largest deterrent. It took me a while to get interested with the imagery of the game.

The Outcast - Mercenary Box Set
The Viktorias
Only the Outcasts have claimed my interest. Even then only the Viktorias have gripped me attention and their warband looks pretty cool. Bishop and a few of the others look really nice.

Now the largest difference is the lack of dice.

I'll wait as you stop freaking out.

Malifaux uses cards. The fate deck is used instead of rolling and certain characters can manipulate the cards allowing for a player to manipulate the results of challenges and adding depth to the tactical element of the game.

Not bad, now that sounds neat.

Verdict -

Malifaux is not at the top of my list. Only a few of the minis are interesting aesthetically but those that do look good, look really good. I wish the look and feel was more my cup of tea because the rules sounds really neat.

My second largest issue is the cost of the materials and the lack of free resources. The online copy of the rulebook they offer on the main site for downloads is redacted and gives a cool feel but then you realize that they have cut out such huge chucks of the rules set you can never really get a good look of the meat of the game.

This lack of transparency is another obstacle to my picking up the game. Out of the three this is the lowest on my list. Now if the look and feel have captured your soul, take a look and pick it up. Then tell me how much fun you had.