5 Feb 2013

Table Top - The Smaller Games part 1

Well folks I've been working like a dog recently and with all the time to paint the bug to seek out new games and explore the table has struck me. So this Month each Tuesday post will be going over games that play on a smaller game area.

For those that are not up to date on gaming size, most games are played on 4'x4'-6'x4' table tops or larger. As games and model technology becomes more available and the crowd funding that broken in a slew of games over the last two years games that need less models and less terrain are popping up everywhere.

So without further ado the candidates of the smaler surface games.


From the year 2183 comes the megacons or as those who are familiar with the Cyberpunk term Mega- corporation. Huge companies that have merged with society and government bodies. In this future you play forces form these Megacons who operate and act as these organizations military presence.


Based in a single magical dark twisted gothic punk city, the game of Malifaux pits small groups of combatants called crews who manipulate souls and fate to claim victory when they meet in combat.

Heavy Gear: ARENA

In the 62th century we are in space and on the planet of Terra Nova they have a game where they pit the machines of war called Gears. You play a manager where to control sponsorships, pit crews, pick and outfit Gears and keep track of your stable of Pilots.

So there they are, the next three weeks on Tuesday, the other three games that are pulling towards the table.