13 Feb 2013

New Comic Day - Cable

Your grandfather is a space pirate who lost his wife and third child to intergalactic slavers. You're father  is an orphan trained from life to lead a covert team of super powered operatives. You're mother is your father's first wife and a clone of his second wife. You've been sick since your were less then a year old and were sent to an apocalyptic future in order for this virus to not fully take hold of your body and make you into some cyber-robot creature. You were raised by your father and his second wife as they psychically inhabited bodies through time by the summoning of your possible half sister.

You've been a freedom fighter since your arrival in the future and you're destined to kill your mad clone and his creator the reason for the dark future you inhabit. Your son was taken by those two beings and you forced to kill him after you followed your clone and your son into the past where you met your father in his real body. You've traveled through the future raising the savour and messiah of your people until she was able to destroy a creature of infinit power and restore your race once more.   

Your name is Cable.

Life has been hard.
The above is of coure the abridged version of his history and simplified many of his adventures. Cable is a complex man which is funny since he came partially from the mind of an mage grade idiot.

Cable was created by Rob Liefeld with input from Louise Simonson and Fabian Nicieza and linked to the son of Cyclops, Nate Summers who was created by Chris Claremont. Behind the scenes Cable is a fucked up birth and when you take into accounts the odd and weird shit that happens in comics being all messed up means Jerry Springer would have a field day with this guy and his backstory (fictional and real).

Nate Summers from the pages of X-Factor 

Cable is one of the survivors of the big-gun anti-hero age of the 1990's. He originally took leadership of the New Mutants, who were more passive younger versions of the X-Men in training and trained them to by a covert military unit. The military aspect of X-Force was explored through the start of the book against the X-Men and their own background. Best way to look at it was comparing the CIA vs the Military. Their domains would cross and their way of operating was similar but the thinking behind the action was very different. 

Cable has always been a neat guy to read about. One of the few things I liked about the Onslaught story arc that almost ruined Marvel Comics had Cable take on the Hulk and win. I did a double take and poured through the issue again before accepting the outcome. His military training and forty plus years of combat experience fight larger and more powerful adversaries explains Cable not getting pasted. His use of Psychic powers to disable the Hulk, who's mind is can be a weakness - even more so in the state of possession by Onslaught, allowed him to drop the beast. If Hulk had be in full rage, psi attacks would have done fuck all. 

I picked up over the holidays the first volume of the most recent Cable series where he travels in the dark future to raise Hope while being hunted by former X-Men Bishop. The story was well done and getting back into the head of Cable without the god level powers he had back in the Cable & Deadpool days was welcome return. 

Don't fuck with Cable when he's carrying the Baby
I may not have liked what happened to Bishop, another creature of the gun totting 1990's, but when I look back it's interesting to see how these two characters changed and evolved overtime. The solider of the future and the future cop both from a time where it's all gone wrong and the choices they make. Maybe Cables, upbringing and unique heritage along with his close connection to his extended family gave him the upper hand when Bishop has been always the X-Men who's a time lost hero worshiper forced to hunt rogue mutants. 

Since the series Cable took on the Avengers and at the end was purged of his Techo-Virus by Hope. It was the start of the whole Avengers vs X-Men story arc of last year. The kick off at times was better then the arc itself but since that's come to an end he's leading the 'other' X-Force in his own new book, working with the odds and dregs of the mutant heroes to save the world from a buggered up future. Hope has been very present in the book since issue #1, but she's still not on the official roster. The book also has that dual time frame and the team is at odds with the new Mutant friendly Avengers. 

Cable and Hope from the Second Comming
In the end, Cable is the guy behind the book and once again find himself fighting against the future while withstanding his own body. The scenario may be the same but Cable once more goes into the breach, guns blazing and willing to fight. He is the soldier who has lost everyone and everything more then once. He's been the agent of destiny twice and his family situation is all sorts of fucked up... could we see him settle down? I don't think so. 

Cable is a neat character and like all comic characters has had his ups and down. The big picture is neat to look over but he has some moments in his tales where the real character of Cable shines. Take a look, give the old war horse a try, and smile every time he says 'hi dad' to a guy half his age.