25 Feb 2013

Media - PS4 'five more mins'

Folks I worked in a Video Game store when the PS1 came out. The controllers were much larger by the time the second SKU came out the Japanese sized controller was the norm. It was the size of a inch thick comic book. The spring in the motor for the CD drive was bad and many of the first SKU had to be put on their side in order for the sound to work when you played the game.

The Play Station was what media outlets was calling SONY's best innovation since the WALKMAN.

It was a marvel in technology and the fresh new face to the video game world challenged SEGA, Nintendo, and killed off what was left of ATARI's Jaguar.

It brought out games like Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter and Tenchu Stealth Assassins along side Final Fantasy 7 and Need for Speed.

It changed the way we looked at games.

Since those days Play Station has been strong and week. God of War, Uncharted are the names you hear around the PS3 cooler these days. Killzone and Resistance are rousing hymns of war when the PS3 boots up. I was always a Play Station fan boy until the Xbox 360 came out. When looking up in the second year of release of the 7 generation systems, I was hearing about how hard it was to code with PS3 and games that were found on both systems were ports from the Xbox 360 version in most cases due to the difficulty to code in SONY's environment to get the most out of there games.

PS4 just had it's 'hey we're here' event.

I am not impressed. Bungie looked wooden when they had always shown an energy at these events. Bungie was the last showing and it was a odd note.

I was happy to see Ubisoft show up and the amount of 3rd party developers come to the show but it was fleeting when you were to discover that none of those previews were shown on a PS4.

The video below says it best.