1 Feb 2013

Friday Utterance - Someone else

Instead of bitching about something I found something funny that has bitchy things to say. Here is the LINK to the original post.

Even if you disagree with Tom Naughton, the man is able to eloquently put forth his argument and take  the piss out of you at the same time.

If you're a fan of language humor or love seeing a smarty pants gets trounced keep reading and enjoy the show.


This one came in yesterday.  As I read it, I began to chuckle at the combination of arrogance and ignorance and correctly guessed, even before reaching the end, that it was written by a college student.  Hey, I’ve been there … you go to college, read a few books, listen to some smart-sounding professors who’ve never had a real job outside academia, and pretty soon you begin to think you know everything.  (It’s not without good reason that “sophomore” means “wise fool.”)  Then living in the real world for a few years sets you straight.  At some point, you even look back and realize half your professors were idiots with PhDs.
Anyway, here’s the comment.  The college student’s diatribe is in regular text; my replies are in italics, same as on the blog:
The following is for Tom Naughton.
Sir, I respect your passion. Your love for this piece of writing is unquestionable. Unfortunately for you, a single book full of such research does not mean much. You are clearly drawn in by what you imagine to be fancy writing. However, in my brief scan of your blog, it became painfully apparent that you lack even rudimentary writing skills. That means basic, by the way. Have you heard of a comma? Now, its time for me to have some fun with the information which, so clearly, has changed your life.
Mr. Writing Expert, which “it” owns the time?  Did you mean to communicate that “it is” time?  That would be written as “it’s time.”
I guess the easiest way of educating you would be to start from the top. I think the first myth I would like to crush is one of yours. I am a vegetarian. I changed my lifestyle after reading articles articles by authors such as Peter Singer. I would be impressed if you could understand most of what he says as it was written in an intelligent fashion.
Hey, you missed a comma there, Mr. Writing Expert … unless you meant to communicate that Peter Singer was saying and writing at the same time. I’m also wondering, Mr. Writing Expert, why Mr. Singer wrote articles articles instead of just articles. Did he write everything in duplicate form?
Assuming that you don’t, the informed vegetarians I know all have heard of the cycle of life. It turns out that adults as well as kids watched the “Lion King”.
Mr. Writing Expert, are you aware that in America, we place periods inside quotes? That’s rudimentary — which means “basic.”  (See how I put that period inside the end quote?)
Your first myth is that vegetarians believe they are somehow not involved with killing. Perhaps you are partially right and some vegetarians truly believe this. However, the vegetarian movement is mainly a revolt against our meat industry. Once again I urge you to read Singer. It is not the killing, but the unnecessary pain and suffering inflicted upon animals that we oppose.
The second myth you attempt to quash is interesting. I do not think I have met one person who thinks that we must all give up meat to save the planet. It is true that we do wish to lower the total amount of meat consumed. This is because of the amount of grain that we use to feed the animals that our meat industry slaughters. Did you know that if the grain used to feed food-animals was converted for human use we could COMPLETELY ELIMINATE WORLD HUNGER???
Mr. Writing Expert, since you’re expressing a hypothetical, that should read “if the grain used to feed food-animals WERE converted for human use.”
I would guess, probably no.
Mr. Writing Expert, did you mean to express that you might guess, but probably won’t? If not, you’ve got a comma splice in your sentence.
I am not sure what your point was about animals being fed on grass. I think this is probably because you have little to no idea what point you are actually trying to disprove. If we stop consuming such massive amounts of meat we will not need that land to feed the meat we are not eating.
I think your third point was about health. It is true that some people are not fit for a vegetarian lifestyle. Different people have different dietary requirements. That being said, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles can be more healthy than an omnivorous one. However, this requires research into what the body needs to eat to maintain a balanced diet.
In conclusion, you are so uninformed it saddens me. I honestly do not care if you do or do not eat meat. I think our meat industry is cruel and so I have chosen to abstain. It is a personal choice. I have no delusions that I will make in great difference in the industry. I am an American who fully realizes that corporations control the world and the meat industry is a corporation. Any industry with that much power is simply to rich to be easily stopped. I urge you to read Springer simply so that you may become informed about the world.
Mr. Writing Expert, what does “to rich” mean? Does “too rich” mean the same thing?
Oh, and if you think vegetarians or vegans are truly unhealthy, you are dead wrong. Multiple Olympic athletes have successfully maintained a vegetarian lifestyle. Also, I am a collegiate athlete who has completed several triathlons.
Well (comma) I must say (comma) you’re quite rare among vegetarians. If you don’t believe most other vegetarians are convinced meatless diets will save the planet (comma) or that vegetarians manage to eat without any killing involved (comma) I suggest you go back and read some of their many comments on the blog. If you honestly don’t care that I eat meat (comma) you’re also rare among the vegetarians trolling the internet (comma) most of whom who clearly care very much what other people eat.
The point about grass is that cows aren’t supposed to eat grains. They’re supposed to eat grass. Raise cows on grass (comma) and all your computations about how many more people we could feed with grains — thus helping them to develop arthritis (comma) MS (comma) asthma (comma) and many other auto-immune disorders — go out the window. Raising cows on grass also produces topsoil (comma) unlike grain-farming (comma) which depletes topsoil.
However (comma) if you believe that feeding people the grains we now feed to cattle will solve world hunger (comma) then you’re the one who’s seriously misinformed. Name any country where people are starving (comma) and you will also be naming a country that is now or until recently was hampered by a command-and-control (comma) centralized economic system. Food shortages aren’t the problem. The inability of centralized economies to deliver goods where they’re needed is the problem.
If you believe the meat industry controls the world (comma) do you have any strong feelings about the grain industry … say (comma) Monsanto (comma) or ADM? Or are they okay since they help to produce your veggie-burgers?
I don’t believe all vegetarians are unhealthy by any means. But when I was a grain-eating vegetarian (comma) I certainly was unhealthy. All the ailments I suffered in those days are gone now. So if you choose vegetarianism (comma) I really don’t care. It’s the trolls who believe everyone should be a vegetarian who annoy me.
By the way (comma) could you please name the champion athletes who were raised as vegetarians from childhood (comma) thus going meatless while their muscle mass was being formed?
p.s. — The college student has yet to answer.  I supposed he’s reviewing his Peter Singer book, looking for the proper replies.