31 Jan 2013

Thoughts - Brothers

I've been trying to write this post for a while and I've not been happy with what I've got written. Last week the posts stopped because I got busy with a funeral in the time I spend writing posts. I've known this guy for 22 years, I met him in the summer between grade 6 and 7.

His Pa died.

I want to write about brothers. My parents greatest accomplishment is my little brother. They finally got it right and since then I've had a partner in crime that stuck with me when I was dumb. We've been close and we've been apart. Yet we're still brothers...

So brothers...

I've got more than the Big Bear as a brother. I've no other siblings mind you. I've other brothers who I share blood relations with. Charlie Papa is one of them, Tzar is another. We are all pretty close, hell we started to fix the rifts that split our parents.

I've got brothers who don't share blood with me; Pale Rider, Strain, Wolf, Rocko, Longsword, ODB, Van... the list actually goes on. It's gotten longer and shorter over the years. Sometimes a brother stops being a brother, the proximity and strength of the connection makes it hard to ignore those things that bother you and sometimes one of us would abuse that connection and it would strain and even sever. Sometimes you cannot be their in person as much as you like, time and space become obstacles, yet when you meet again it's as if you took up from when you last met.

Being a brother is more then being a good mate. It's a statement of family, of bonds that are designed to last longer and across the immediate lines of each other. I know Pale Rider's sister, Wolf is close with Tzar and Rocko has been to both mine and Big Bear's wedding. Van supported the work I had to do at Charlie Papa's basement.

Sometime we suck. It's human nature. The species is cursed to suck at times.

Yet the brotherhood is designed to stand those tests, weather those moments. Success or failure is another issue but at least you have brothers who you call.

Call when their is danger, pain, sorrow, joy, celebration... they are brothers.

Cheers Bro and to those who have one.