28 Jan 2013

The Media - Games to Spring for

Well the season of game releases is done and over. During this time, I got back to older games put in some more hours, work my hobbies, and wait for the late spring releases.

Well school is done, I'm looking for work, and I've got time on my hands.

So what's worth my times these days of future past?

Tomb Raider -
If you do not want to play the new Tomb Raider you hate fun. Yeah I said it, you hate fun because you suck and this game looks great.

Borderlands 2 -
I've been playing this game with Pale Rider and Sarge and we've been having a bloody good time at it. The add ons have been buckets of fun and as we go through the game, the dialogue keeps showing me more and more sass and moxie. It's funny and fun to play.

Mass Effect -
I'm planning to run through the whole trilogy sometime before the summer and I'm really looking forward to it. One more run at saving the galaxy, of course taking time to wait for the DCL sales will also pay off.

Fallout: New Vegas -
I've played through this game once but I've never given it the time it deserves so I think a game of the year edition will sort out any questions I may have with the series. With some greater game mechanics and bugs, New Vegas is a great ride I'm itching to get back on.

Splinter Cell: Black List -
New Voice and 4th Echelon don't make me feel good. But I'm willing to give this game the try it deserves. When the last five games were brilliant you give the 6th a try.

Rainbow 6: Patriots -
Look at this hope they bring back the true tactical shooter that's been missing since Vegas. Hey Ubi Soft what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. No release date but I'm hoping to see more from this title this spring.

So that's it folks... Dragon Age 3 and GTA 5 are also due but the list is getting long.