15 Jan 2013

Table Top - Top 5 Mini's of 2012

This year I'm listing the top five mini's (or mini products) that have made my year kept my attention through the year. It's not just how pretty the model(s) are it's also about the rules they have, what they do to the game and bring to the play. It's about how they make me feel and how much fun they are. Of course looking good is important...

So before I get past the break here is a list of Table Top births that were almost on the list. This year I hope to see more from Dream Pod 9 and Infinity. I'm looking forward to the rest of my Kickstarter for Dreadball. So without further ado the almosts followed by the Top 5 Mini's of 2012!

Honorable Mentions...

Level 7 (Privateer Press)
Tried the game out finally and I like the semi co-op nature of the game. I'm looking forward to the release of more scenarios. I think on of the reasons this game is not in the top five is because the game is fun but the potential has more weight to it then the game itself. It's fun but when you dream about where they will go next with this game it makes you dream quite large.

Campaign Paradiso (Corvus Beli)
About bloody time is what most people say. It's true that it took way too long for this book to come out but I'm glad it did come out and it's the way it is. The new faction, units and rules really add some life and make me feel like the company is supporting this game for the long term. Corvus Beli is slow but it makes a great product. Glad to have it, now I hope they speed up the next book or start releasing more Campaigns using the Campaign rules provided in this book.

Citadel Ultimate Paint Set (Games Workshop)

When GW changed their paints everyone bitched. Yet the quality of the paints and the selection is awesome. More and more shades or mixs have become popular and when you do up a unit or three to that same perfect mix it's awesome until you need to add another unit and the colour is just ever so much 'off'. The paints are still way to pricy for the amount you get, but at least the quality is very good.

TOP FIVE of 2012

#5 - Scarface and Cordelia (Infinity)

Starting off with a Corvus Beli model is pretty easy. I love the look of this model more then most of the larger TAGs that litter the Infinity Battlespace. It could have picked the JSA TAG as it came out right at the start but this team has had my attention since it was leaked in the summer. I found myself looking back at other Merc models and I must admit, their are a few on my list for my JSA.

Rules wise they are a bit pricy but with the new campaign the cost is not bad for a TAG and an Engineer. She's got D-Charges and he's got two Mk12's. Add in the fact it's a TAG for 63 points that comes with a support unit, with support units being more important with the scenarios, it looks more like a steal at second glance.

#4 - Minuteman (Privateer Press)

Love what this little dude does on the table. Every Cygnar player immediately started to think up fucked up ways to much about and bugger the other guy on the table with this little light 'jack. I call him Optimus Primal (season 1) due to the similarities in abilities. He tends to demand more focus then I plan to put on him, but that just makes planning his activation even more neat. In the turn you fill limited on what you're not being able to do having to only pick one ability but then the following turn you're able to use another facet of the Minuteman due to the previous turns choice.

The Minuteman and the Avenger reminded me and most other people that the Cygnar faction makes the most advanced 'jacks in the game. They are the leed in this field of technology and their 'jacks are supost to prove it on the table. When I first got into the game two years ago, Cygnar looked middle road or the jack of all trades when looking at 'jacks. After some time on the table, the Defender really proved that level of tech superiority. The Minuteman is not more evidence it's the nail in the coffin in setting one of the various tones and styles of play with the faction.

He changed my Cygnar game more then any model since I picked up the game and he made 2012 the year of the swan.

#3 - Dreadball

I've now played this game a couple of times now. It's fast and fun. The minis look awesome and the Kickstarted proved the desire followed by Mantic selling out of all copies. They have announced that by end of Jan/start of Feb they will be re-stocked.

This game was the rebirth of my love of minis. It reminded me of everything I love about Blood Bowl the game that got me into the hobby. It reminded me that this is about fun. It was my childhood come back allowing an older man enjoy those same things. It was a wonder that's grace me far to little since I grew up. Dreadball is fun... get on the pitch.

#2 - Ajax (Infinity)

Making it under the wire Ajax was sneaked out in November and released in December. For one he looks awesome! That pose, the details to the armour and the hammer is brilliant. Plus his rules are fantastic. 0.5 SWC and 43 pts for both Lt or non-Lt option. ARM 5 at MOV 4-4 rare at such costs. EXP CCW and 2 Combi Rifles with the classic ALEPH Nano pulser he's armed to the teeth. Natural Born Warrior and Berserk round out the package along with his other skills.

This guy makes me want to play ALEPH and no other model or unit has ever made me want to play that faction in Infinity. That's why he gets the number two spot on my list.

#1 - Plastic Heavy 'Jack Kits (Privateer Press)

The idea of adding magnets to models is not new to the Hobby. But it's nice that Privateer Press supports the concept. By making these very nice plastic kits they've been able to update their models and give us more options. Look below to see example of the some Heavy 'jack kits.

Now I didn't add the beasts because due to the nature of the model in many cases the ability to magnetize them is limited and some of the updates are not as strong compared to the original metal mini.

These plastic Heavy 'jacks really makes it easy for players to pick up and get into the game while allowing more experience players to really update their force or pick up a new force realistically without breaking the bank with the 3 for 1 deal.

Congrats to the Mini's that made this year awesome!