16 Jan 2013

New Comic Day - Volume Nine

The Punisher has been one of those characters that falls on and off the grid. Back when I was in elementary I was a fan of the comic Punisher: War Zone and Romita's blocky and dark work. Franks European vacation was also pretty grim and nice.

Otherwise Frank is like Batman. Boring. Boring or used poorly. Who ever thought being an Angel of Death or a Frankenstein monster was a good idea needs to be understand that doing that changes a character for ever and wont work out as a short story. Do a five year plan to follow up on those stories not just a 'neat idea' off the cuff print.

You see in a world of super people is there the need of a gun totting broken man taking out bad guys and swearing vengeance as justice? Well Volume Nine of the Punisher shows us just how he can fit in.


I've nothing bad to say about this book. I'm sad that it was cut due to poor sales when it's one of the best Punisher stories I've enjoyed in years. Almost decades... think about that.

This is the end 
When the slaughter of 28 men, women and children leaving the Marine Vet widow as the sole survivor of her own wedding is the start of your story arc you are setting a grim and brutal tone that is perfect for Frank Castle.

The story is well paced, the characters are well presented and Frank's first words are first spoken in issue 4. Frank is the catalyst and reason for the story but not the source of the conflict. He's used more a tool of resolution and a witness to the events of the story arc rather then be the source of the story.

This is the best place for Frank. He started out as a 'B' Spiderman villan way back in the day and his story is familiar to everyone. He's a pissed off US Marine. Sounds like every action flick since the 70's. His code, method of operation is neat and only good if well told or presented.

Frank is depended on the team that writes and draws him. Rucka and Checchetto do a brilliant job in imaging Frank and his dirty work. The tone set by the art is fantastic. The angles of the panels are never static and they keep the images fresh.

This comic should be printed into a Trade ASAP. The story arc was as perfect a Punisher story as you'll read in your whole life.

It's this good.