30 Jan 2013

New Comic Day - Capt Marvel

When you look at the history of comic character few have such a history as the Current Capt Marvel. Formerly Ms Marvel, Binary, Warbird ... she's got quite the history.

Carol Denvers as her famous Ms Marvel
from Marvel Comics
With the most recent changes to the character I'm looking back where she came from today and what she ment to me, a reader of comics who is also a man.

Now Movie Bob does a great synopsis of her history here.

Movie Bob - Favorite Ms - Part 1

and Movie Bob - Favorite Ms - Part 2

The reason I find myself looking back at the character that has been almost everywhere in the Marvel Universe is the most recent preview of Issue 10 from her current series. It seems last issue Carol has lost her ability to fly. Grounded but still with most of her other powers (as far as I know), she's trying to deal with the lack of perceived freedom. When you've found freedom in the skys and have touched them on your own power I can see being grounded hard.

Hell I find this story idea much better as 'grounded' look at a super hero much better then the last Superman story arc penned by JM Straczynski. It makes more sense as she deals with a sudden loss of mobility. So it got me thinking about the character as a whole...
Preview of Issue 10 - Capitan Marvel
from Marvel Comics
Carol Denvers has been through buckets and I find her current role as Capt Marvel to be a great fit. She is one of the most powerful female character in the Marvel universe and she's not always been given the best stories. When I mean powerful I mean in impact on readers, not simply power level within the Marvel cast of characters.

She is a role model. She joined the military and found a love of flying. She's merged and fought on strange planets, and against or along side gods as an equal in ability. She shows that women are strong and it's too bad she's been treated unfairly over the years. Yet I think this treatment mirrors the treatment of women in society and she's been a great projection of the issues involving women.

The image above made me quickly push back today's post for this off the cuff rambling. I'm a married bloke and I may have kids in the future. So far the odds are close to 50/50 for me to have a daughter. If I was to pick a comic for her to read, or a character to introduce to her it would be Carol Denvers and all of her fucked up history.

I want my daughter to ask questions about why those things happened and how Carol as a character has overcome them. Now Carol is not the only female character out there that I'd show my could be daughter. The current Wonder Woman is a good book the wife is thoroughly enjoying and and the first twenty five issues of the Cassandra Cain Batgirl run are other good examples. Storm and Kitty Pride from the X-Men, Marlo Jones, Betty Ross (formerly Banner, now the Red She-Hulk), Jet/Backlash (Jodie Slayton), and Liz Sherman (of Hellboy and BPRD) are all great examples.

Yet Carol would be the first I'd show my daughter.

The saying is old but it applies today and only to Ms Denvers.

"Make Mine Marvel" just don't forget the Cap.