21 Jan 2013

Monday Media - Korn

Well I thought these guys were dead.

I was a fan of three of the 1st four Korn Albums. Korn, Life is Peachy and Issues. Follow the leader was a popular album but I felt the sound was lost in the noise.

After that I stopped picking up albums.

I liked Twisted Transistor, from See you on the Other side but the sound had changed so much. Korn sounded like a Korn band but they weren't Korn.

Then this happened.

My mate Sarge, lent me the most recent full album by the band titled The Path of Totality and wow.

The sound is back.

It's not the hard edges trying to break out and show the world the music from the first two albums. It's not the popular Korn defacto sound that's come up and was truly tested in Issues. This album has that Korn sound without sounding like a Korn wanabe band.

Skrillex and co. really bring some edge to the sound that has sounded far to empty in the past. The Offset light vocals whine into your ear as the guitars pop and rattle on the edges of your senses keeping up a tempo and carry the overarching tune only to be cut up by the sounds of angry rock, nu metal sonic demons.

Korn had nothing behind the noise, it was empty fluff. No meat, truly soft metal.

Folks if you've not picked up the Korn in the last little while, this album really tried something new but also brought back some of the older tropes that the band was known for.

Sometimes you need to remember where you put that and you need to reach into the basics before trying to make music.

Now I'm not a music buff. I just listen. The wife is the crazy music fanatic.

Yet I really like this album.

For my first album, post school this was the best lend I could have received.

I've been away from the tunes, minus the odd Reznor or Daft Punk presentation, and it's nice to not only be back but also to enjoy the lastest offering to my ears.