2 Jan 2013

Media - Top 5 Games

It's the new year.

So here are my top five games of the year.

Here are the ones that didn't make it but were still really good.

Halo 4 - Master Chief used like a person and the new villan was pretty good. The campaign was short but good. I'm glad they didn't pad the game with lame levels. I'm looking forward to playing the online co-op.

Assassin's Creed 3 - Great game, plenty of fun running around and collecting things. The story felt broken after the introduction. I preferred the game from Haythem's point of view and the historical aspect of the plot felt broken and disjointed.

#5 - Mark of the Ninja/Dust

I put these two games together not because they are a download game or because they were not full retail releases but simply because I can't pick one over the other. 


Both games were worth the price. Both were fun games that took up each over a dozen hours. I still have not yet doen everything on Mark of the Ninja and I'm missing some bits and pieces with Dust. Yet I feel like I can go back to them and keep having fun.

These games are the games that have taken the work of Shadow Complex as a download title and really run with the idea that Download Games can be a full experience.

#4 - Mass Effect 3

I don't mind the ending. I would have liked a few more choices that could have had some real impact.

For Example:
- Picking a team that gets killed in the last Earth assault or leaving them on the Normandy so they would be safe
- Having the Normandy bide Shepard time by sacrificing itself or telling it to jump away to save those onboard
- Being allowed to say goodbye to your partner before you flick the switch and kill yourself to the greater good.

Yet that's my largest issue with the game, with a few odds and ends that are so minor I feel bad for making note of them her. Even then my right to force the creators to shape their work to my whim is dumb. I can comment and buy, nothing else.

Yet some of the most memorable moments of the series were from Mass Effect 3. It was a great game and brilliant end to a trilogy that took up so much of my time. I'm going back later in the year, when the video games release schedule gets quiet.

#3 - Far Cry 3

I loved Far Cry 2. Even the ending. I like it when the good guys lose or the bad guys win... not mutually exclusive mind you. The great open world, the freedom to explore and go about doing things my way. I liked the only two characters in the game the rest were cardboard cut outs but the world was brilliant since you felt alone.

Far Cry 3 is worth your time. The list of characters are far greater then before. The removal of enemy forces from the land is permanent. The weapons are customizable.

The game took the great things of the second game and made them better. The loss of the weapon repair is the only thing that went missing but the lack of that simple mechanic did not make the game any less awesome.

The story is crux that took the cake. Never leaving the first person perspective was a brilliant touch. The interaction of the characters who've suffered under the hands of the men who've hurt and hunted you is neat when you look at the growth of the main character.

#2 - XCom

When Syndicate came out and they changed the game play to FPS much like Bethesda did with Fallout 3 I was leery and disappointed with the result. They had a great team and the game is not bad but taking the Syndicate IP and changing it without succeeding was a waste of the brand. The next game will need to blow the roof off my head if they want to regain my trust.

XCom: Enemy Unknown did the IP of XCom right. The game is a hit in my house and this holiday season my father and my brother have a copy and a busy running the organization that will save the world from alien invaders.

In XCom the result of your choices are the best part of the game. This game should be played and I look forward to seeing how they work the next game of the IP. They made great strides with the game and its a brilliant piece of work. Yet I feel like this game is a promise of a better game to follow, the possibilities of improvement are full and plenty. I feel the gents at Firaxis have it down and they played it safe when they let to dogs loose I expect the game to get better.

#1 - Dishonoured

The new is hard to push. Dishonoured is new and with the safety net of being a remake or having a number protect the sales from being worse.

The gameplay was by far the best. The sandbox missions was everything that Hitman missed out on. The platforming was simple and the abilities and multiple paths were just enough to keep the mix fresh through the whole game.

This game tried something new and that alone earns praise. Something new and done well earns the praise and success. Bethesda did the 'something' new with Fallout when they put out Fallout 3. It was a smash in sales and rocked the RPG world.

This game is worth the time. It may be short and the replay is missing outside of getting a perfect score but I had lots of fun playing this game and figuring out the various solutions presented to me.

Tomorrow will be my top five flicks.