7 Jan 2013

Media - Top 5 Flicks

I don't like to see 'top lists' until after the year since my drop dead date is 31 Dec. So here are the list of my Top 5 flicks for the year.

Here is the list of mentions that didn't make the final list.

Moonrise Kingdom, The Goon, Dark Knight Rises, and Judge Dread

See ya inside.

#5 - The Chronicle

This flick used the 'found footage' style better then I've ever seen before. Using TK to keep the camera going was genius. Akira like powers to a trio of kids who all seem pretty normal was well done and the flick has a great pace.

Take a look at this early 2012 flick and enjoy the show.

#4 - Cabin in the Woods

Stuck in release limbo did not deter the team of this wonderful film. The surprise is great when you see the film for the first time yet I warn you the film will continue to throw you for a loop. Even the ending was brilliant.

I love a film when a man in his early fifties is yelling at a dozen Japanesse nine year old school girls 'fuck you' over and over again while making sense to the plot of the film.

#3 - Looper

Make up aside since we all know Cloud Atlas will be taking the Oscar cake on that item. The film handles the time travel aspect well enough but its the 3rd act that takes the plot somewhere you never expected. I walked into the Matrix without knowing anything, I saw a hacker noir film go all 'Alice in Wonderland' before turning into a sci-fi, slow-mo, kung-fu flick that changed action films. That same change of style resounds through the end of the 3rd act in Looper.

The lead did a great job of acting like Mr Willis and performing all of his mannerisms with no noticed effort. 

#2 - Cloud Atlas

This almost took the top spot. The largest independently funded cinema experience to date. The folks from the Matrix and Run Lola Run did a great job with the film of six films. Make up awards are well earned and should be considered a gimmy at this point.

The intertwined stories are worth seeing and the characters are enough to earn depth but never outlive their welcome. The action is great, the acting is brilliant and visuals are what you can have come to expect from those wacky kids of Speed Racer and V for Vendetta.  

#1 - Avengers

Each character was not wasted, each one had enough time to justify their presence and the movie was not the Iron Man show. My favorite character got some great reviews and I'm sad that Mr. Norton was not asked to come back by his replacement did a great job. Yet even after seeing the flick on Lady Bear's birthday, I still had the fears that I was going to hate it to more I spent time thinking about it.

I'm a comic fan. When Marvel decided to create a series of comic films and link them into a full blown cinema world I figured it would be hard. Only DC comics with their long run animated universe have been able to pull of their various characters and stories in a new media with not only keeping true to the original format but also add to it in a way that shaped the comic versions.

Avengers did that for Marvel but it was not animated... much. The acting was par with the pervious films. Capt, Tony, Thor, Bruce worked will with Nick, Clint and Tasha who got more screen time in this go around. Avengers may be a one time event like Star Wars who's magic will never be able to be repeated, but if the quality is kept through the second round of films; Iron Man 3, Capt America 2 and Thor 2 will give us enough reason to sit through Avengers 2.