14 Jan 2013

Media Monday - The Golden Man 2012

So my top 5 flicks of the year are already posted but just because they are my favorite doesn't mean I'm not aware of other films and their deserving achievements.

Now we have our nominations, not winners that's another issue. You see I can not agree with who won or who didn't win but that's all personal choice. Now the way I see it, the nominations are more important. Its far more obvious when you see things that didn't make it on the list. It's ignoring the work of those who've succeeded who deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

Now I've never been one to keep track of the awards unless one of my favorites of the year end up on the list and even then, I check out the news after the awards. I'll do my take on the winners and the history of winners when the time comes today we're talking about the guest list and I'll be avoiding the big four (Film, Director and the Leading Roles)

Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Effects, and Best Makeup & Hair Styling: Cloud Atlas

Now I know there is buckets around this film that have it looking the part of the Pariah. It's being compared to 'Black Face' films with the make up and gender choices for the actors of the film. Ignorance of the Transgender film make Lana Wachowski has made it a target of the ignorant. Plus those folks who made the Matrix have put Hollywood in it's place more then once with their work being unknowns and keeping their lives private. Yet I hazard the guess that the independent nature of the film is the political faux pas with Cloud Atlas' snubb at the oscars. The film may not deserve to win and I'm of my own opinion but they at least should get the nod. It treated the book and in some cases presented it better then the written version. The effects were well done and the makeup is brilliant. Too bad Oscar has some unknown problem with the Atlas. It's ironic that the composition in the film named the Cloud Atlas was never fully recognized for its craftsmanship.

Best Music: Original Song and Best Costume Design: The Hobbit

This film has tones of other nominations yet the costume efforts of Peter Jackson and his team (WETA) are efforts of a titanic scale (ref: the Dietetic figures not the boat). They are able to really show this world and the details of their work is simply one of the best parts of Jackson's films (Hobbit and Lord of the Rings). It was what made the films so awesome. It was the efforts to make the world real and believable so the acting and the story could be pulled off. Look at Game of Thrones and the production value in the same work is just as subconsciously appreciated. It only works as well as it does because of the details of set and dress. Now best original song why the fuck did this song not make it.

Yeah, if that does not move you... well why the fuck are you reading this blog.

Oscar and the SkyFall:

Skyfall gots lots of nods and I feel that cinematography and best original song are well earned. The film   makes less and less sense when I think about it but it was pretty and sounded great. All of the nominations here are well earned and cudos to the team. The imagery was some of the best I've seen in a 'action' film. The image above is really well presented and evokes many themes and emotions the more you look at it. The fight scene in the high rise brilliant action scene. I'd even put it up for best of the year. The intro sequence is my favorite of the whole series but the song pushed it even higher in my opinion. Adele did a great job with the material and should proud of the work.

So all in all a few snubs and some cudos to the golden little people who deem who's cool in school.

Oh and by the by, Actress is not a word. Actor is not gender specific, the titles were originally Best Female Actor in a Leading/Supporting role. It's ignorant and shoots down any grasp of being the educated elite to justify their choices. But now I'm simply throwing mud and those in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. My english sucks... evidence is located right here.

Yet I love a breeze.