18 Jan 2013

Friday Utterance - the eBook

You think I'm dumb. You think that I'm retarded - having a medical condition that demonstrates limited faculties and cognitive functions.

I expect this from Games Workshop. Selling me a Codex for $55+ both in hard copy and as an eBook. If you use the iBook app or have an iDevice check out the price and gawk. GW you took the gun the foot.

But Privateer Press... what the fuck gent's? I'm a fan here. I'm a loyal fan and yet you do this...

Before I go into my little rant. Gather round the fire of the following image.

See the prices...

Yeah that's right, you want me to pay for full price for a book I already own and it can only be used on your reader. Oh sorry you're saving me 5-10 bucks.

Well this is a case of the nope.

Sorry folks, your last app was a bust. I use it but not the way it's designed. It's no where what you promised. So you have little faith to abuse on this next venture.

When I see 5.99 for your Magazine and it's abou the same from my LGS (Local Game Store), I'm gona pick it up there. No reason for me to pay a $2 discount for something less tangible.

The book have already generated income and paid for themselves. Why not offer it at around $10-$15 for each book instead. I see tons of sales then.

Nope you're asking for barley discounted prices.

Already you're the last company in the hobby to not offer rules for free in some fashion or another. Dream Pod 9, gave it away as a gift last year over the summer. Corvus Beli gives it away for free. Most of the other games, have at least demo's or cut up rules to play with at no cost; MERC's, Malfaux, etc...

You're the only kids with the pay for my book or bust and now you pull this.

I love your game, I love your mini's and yet... I'm sad that you're making another mistake when it comes to the new technology that gamers use.

You were the frist to try and you failed, and yet it shows you learned little from that mistake.

Keep up the good work and please change what we're seeing above.