11 Dec 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Ditching the Bird

Since I joined the ranks of Warmachine/Hordes players in December 2010 I've been throwing dice around for the Swans, also known as Cygnar.

eStriker the poster 'caster for Cygnar
by *Shugga
So now it's been two years, I've played well in tournaments and I did poorly. I'd say I'm average when it comes to player skill. I pull the odd trick, show off a new idea and learn buckets everytime I play.

Well I'm leaving the Swans for a while.

What that means is that it's time for me to play with my other dudes. I've got quite a bit of Cryx, Circle and I started Skorne in the Journeyman League. If I have to call a faction for myself in Hordes I'm saying I'm a Skorne player who learning but I've got a place in my cold rock of a heart for Mohsar the Desert Walker.

Mohsar - the Desert Walker
my only Circle Warlock
Since I've got all these models and I've got plenty to paint once I get some free time this winter I figure it's time to pull out the other factions more seriously and play with them. It's time for me to get out of my comfort zone and see things from the other side.

I hope this makes me a better player. I hope to appreciate the other factions and learn about my opponents factions.

I hope this helps me from becoming bitter with the game and avoid the fatigue from playing simply one faction all the time.

I hope my opponents want to play me as I bring something else for them to stomp into the ground.

With the cost of starter boxes, faction and two player, making entry into the game fair in price it's not hard for many players to try out other factions and change.

Privateer Press had a great product, I'm a fan and I'm biased. My logic is not a fan, the models look great, they are cheep and the game is buckets of fun.

So 2013 - the swans are sleeping and I'm showing up with the rest of the horrors in my glass cabinet.

See you across the table.