27 Dec 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The New Year

Well folks today is the last Thursday of this calendar year since I've started this blog.

Least I Could Do - They say it right everytime
I'm not sure how to look at the new year.

Am I to look at this change of annual date as a sign of the symbolic fresh start that most people reach for?

I'm not sure.

I don't do new year resolutions.

I understand the ritual of the New Years resolution. I understand the significance that we as humans add to events in time in order to add weight or control over our existence.

To me, 2012 was ok. We had a few issues and we're still a horrible species that use our gift of pain over each other far to frequently.
Yes I use the Facebook
Even worse I update my status with quotes and ramblings
To me, 2013 looks ok.

The years are time, an eternal fourth dimension that exists and moves without needing to acknowledge those who suffer its ebb and flow.

If you need to make a promise at the end of the year, do so... if you don't care try it out...

Don't matter none to me.

All I ask as you spend a fraction of your day hoping and remembering. Try the following quest.

"Be a bit better tomorrow."