18 Dec 2012

Table Top - Fantasy Flight RPG's

It was a few years back. 1998, Charging Bear had yet to meet Writer Bear and make little bears. Instead he spent a few days out of the year joining our newly minted game marathon, Gamers Heaven. Instead of jumping on the other GW products, Charging Bear (who can, without being forced or needing focus,  always charge within 3") showed up to the table with this little gem.

This was a start
Gamers Heaven was a chance for us to show off some of the other games we played outside of D&D. I brought AEG's Legend of the 5 Rings, White Wolf's Vampire and a few others that make the list seem more like a nerd cock measuring statement. Just understand many of my past jobs gave my unfettered access and cheaper costs to getting my hands of RPGs.

Then after ten years... something changed at Gamers Heaven.

This happened.

Cover of the Limited Edition
of the 2nd Ed Rules
You see the games had changed, I was ending my campaign with a 3rd edition of L5R and with the anniversary of the event I figured it was time we went back to the well now made shiny and new. It didn't matter if the rules sucked we were gona play it. I bought the above book for the big guy and Charging Pun ran out of that loverly book of awesome.

You see they made the game even better. It was great, fantastic. It showed up in the normal rotation of game systems within our various groups. The books were bought, I even ran the last great adventure campaign from that edition for close to 10 months. It was awesome.

Then suddenly a storm arrived.

You see Green Ronin, a company born of the d20 OGL tsunami had updated the engine and was the game designer for the 2nd edition of the game. Fantasy Flight games bough the rights to publish all of the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 RPG material and make the worse mistake of their existence.

They put up a 3rd edition. I own it, I got it for free and I've yet to do more then open it up, look inside the beast and wonder what the fuck had happened to my game.

Why does my RPG look like a Board Game?
Tokens, half sized fallible forms this looked like an upgrade to Warhammer Quest and the other semi-board game dungeon crawl. It looked like Fantasy Flight followed Wizards of the Coast down the rabbit hole that was only filled with shit. This looked like a great starter set but the game lost it's depth and the ability to be more then a board game - unlike most RPG's of the past.

So they kept the 2nd edition rules for the 40k setting and its keeps getting pushed out bit by bit but with very little outside of of rules to break down the various styles of play between Inquision Lackey, Rogue Freighter Capt and Hulking Spacemarine.

How odd...

Now Star Wars has just been given to Fantasy Flight. I'm thinking Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd edition is the one off. They make many of my favorite board games; Twilight Imperium, Game of Thrones (Board), Netrunner, Citadel... this list is again just another nerd dick measuring stick.

Instead I see this, like a thousand voices crying out and suddenly becoming silent.

Hive of scum and ... you get the idea
Those player cards... oh by the dark side had we lost the war once more.

Yes. The game specific dice are back.

That's no Moon!
It's too bad. The focus was the Outter Rim, escaping all the extra in the Star Wars universe. It was trying for a gritty feel that in the past has done real well with the Star Wars brand. They even put aside the focus from the lazer swords and their Jedi and on everyone else in the universe.

Yet when I saw those dice... it felt like Star Wars Galaxies. That didn't end well.

Well The mouse now owns the deed to the Skywalker Ranch. Lets see what happens next and if they sort this out like they did with the Marvel films.

Use the force Mickey...