7 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - Hope for Mandy

When you look at Triathletes you picture thin athletic people, running, swimming, and biking.

Ever since I read this article about Rick van Beek, who has raced more then 70 races with his daughter, I now see a hero.

A term not used lightly but in this case it's a shallow word for this man and his family.

You see Mr. van Beek's daughter, Mandy, has cerebral palsy and he pushes and pulls her in a cart when he runs and bikes, and he pulls her in a small playboat kayak when he swims. His wife Mary is out there either on the race with him or running the switch stands when Rick and Mandy go from one style to another.

He also gets some pretty impressive scores when you think he's pulling a whole other person and gear.

I woke up one morning and this was the first thing I read as my mind was starting it daly info dump from the internets. It was not about war, murder, money, or politics.

It was a about a great dad and mum. About a bloke who quite smoking so he could live longer to spend time with his family. About a daughter who loves the outdoors. About a family who's still in the races and showing us all its worth it.