14 Dec 2012

Friday Utterance - 12 Years (and great music)

12 years ago...

I left a really good job in Jan of 2002 for getting an education. When I mean it was a 'good job', it was to work for some of the most sought after people in the industry. They asked me to stay and it was a highlight of my career. I turned them down to step out into Academia. I never got that degree and I changed along with the school...

In Jan 2013 my education will be done.

12 years later.

I dropped out of the night school classes in order to go to Carleton University. I dropped out of high school to get a degree. It sounds backwards and when ever I look back and wonder 'what the fuck' I was thinking, I smile and figure I'm not boring.

In twelve years I've lived a life along side my formal education. I've listed a few highlights of those twelve years after the break.

In those years I've:

Got engaged... and found the better fit after first time fell through.

Married the best woman I've met and I can never forget her birthday, May the 4th be with you.

Been a father for two years... who lost his children through chance.

When they were born I was told to make plans for everyone involved, lucky for me but no one died.

Been a friend to a bunch of jerks who still grudgingly hang out with me.

They have all been witness to life, death, peace, war, and they still put up with each other.

Some have been as lucky as me in love, others have been more chaotic with their experience... yet everyone went up a level.

I've watch my family grow. I see my parents in a new light and looking up to my brother has never been so easy.

I've been a part of great healing and other efforts that have helped the few with the generosity of many.

I've put away games and picked up dice and brushes. I've plugged in consols and unplugged my PC.

I've enjoyed the cold winters, the warm summers and every moment I spent on the water no matter how many times the instructors tried to kill me, flipped upside down in the middle of the rapids, with them on top of my boat keeping me under.

I've learned that the previous sentence is poor english... I'm ok with that.

I've learned that I'm a dumb ass most times who gets lucky when it's needed most.

I've learned that sometimes that thing I have to say is read by a sucker who's board and simply surfing the net and got stuck here reading this last line.

Good night folks, next Monday I'll be done a great voyage.

The next trip looks even cooler, I've got a dog and a hot chick joining me.