26 Dec 2012

Boxing Day

In many parts of the Christian centric world it is Boxing Day.

I've been away because I celebrated Christmas with my family and friends. Don't read into my religious inclination, that's another topic for after the break. Instead think about what most people are doing over the Holiday season that grips a large portion of the planet.

Marvel's Avengers

Those people are everywhere. They are us.

They are seeing their family.

They are meeting friends old and new.

They are making time for others and looking outside their comfort zones.

They are showing joy and taking time to reflect over this Holiday season.

If you've finish Hanukah last week, Christmas yesterday or in two weeks, and even the Winter Solstice in what ever form you celebrate, enjoy the time with those you keep close.

Love folks is the best cure.

I allows wars to pause for a moment long enough for soldiers to share a game of soccer or revel in a warm meal.

This season, no matter your faith, is here. It's a thing that steps up and sits in front of everyone.

Fuck all the trappings that take hold of the meanings that we try to share with each other.

Be good to one another.

Today no one should be shooting, but there is still a shot sounding somewhere.

Today no one should be hungry, but there is still a table void of food.

Today no one should be dying, yet the darkness claims those it claims.

Today no one should be alone, yet their are tears that fall untouched by a helping hand.

Today should be everyday, yet we forget so quickly.

We make days like this to remind us when we forget.