28 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Slim

No matter what Scott is doing in the Marvel universe, being able to shoot beems from eyes is what most people remember.

Well folks today’s topic is the one-eyed wonder. The son of space pirate, older brother to two very powerful mutants in their own right, husband and father of telepathic mutants, and the progenitor of a whole dynasty of mutants who will spend their lives to save others, humans and mutants alike – Cyclops is awesome.

Does this look like he's whining now?
I’m here to give you a glimpse to prove Cyclops is awesome.

When I talk about characters changing and evolving, I always say it’s rare to see. One of my favourite X-Men is Cyclops, aka Scott ‘Slim’ Summers. If you want to write on how character evolution is possible without talking the ‘iconic’ aspect of the character away look no further then this guy. Plus I liked this guy when I was younger because we both need to wear glasses.

This guy has spent his whole life training to be better at being a hero.
Don't get into a fight with him.
I was reading X-Men Unlimited volume 1, number 1. It was 1993 and Cyclops, Storm and Professor X had survived a plane crash in the Antarctic. Jim Lee’s X-Men were doing awesome things. They looked sharp in the new costumes, the stories were great and I was only thirteen years old. The comic swell has begun, but the bubble was not that far ahead.

I remember that most people started to like the Cyclops presented in that issue. It was as if without the rest of the team, Cyclops was more relaxed. The burden of leadership and the responsibility of being the boy-scout field commander of the X-Men forced him to act like the ‘dick-esh’, uptight, control freak that most people associate with Cyclops.

Look at his history, he’s lost a fiancé, married her clone (unknown at the time), gave away his son to the future so he might survive and later become Cable. He eventually married his resurrected fiancé who later dies saving the world once again. His ideals have changed so subtly through the years you can only see the slope of his reason with a big picture.

He’s been there and done that. Few people in the Marvel universe has had such a breadth of experience and come out changed like Scott. Most stay the same and have little to no character evolution. With the recent set of stories over the last decade I’ve been looking at reading more and more of the stuff with Cyclops. Since AvsX and the outcome of that series I’m very interested on Cyclops next move and where he is going.

With all this change it’s still easy to recognise Cyclops and that’s why I like this character more and more. Few characters are given stories that allow them to evolve while still keeping enough of their iconic characteristics to be recognised.

Maybe it’s because few writers work on Scott, maybe because few readers like the guy? Maybe it’s because other then his position within the X-Men and his superpower there is nothing else to the character when you look to recognizing him?

I’m not sure. I just like the character. When I look back and where he was and where he is now, I feel more and more inclined to read X-Men books.
Cyclops today
No longer fighting Magneto, but leading him
Folks that hasn’t happened since 1999.

I’m glad Marvel is renewing my faith in their stock.