21 Nov 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - House of Ideas

As you may have noticed there has been plenty of reviews on DC comics since the blog started all because of the ‘new 52’. Marvel was my mainstay for comics until the early 2000’s when the comics bubble popped. They’ve stay ahead of the curve in capturing my attention with their brilliant movie franchise and Ultimate Comics line of modern versions of their characters. But I'm not reading the comics...

I have a problem with Marvel.

The largest difference between Marvel and DC Comics is the worlds. Marvel takes place in our world; DC has a strange world that has extra cities based on real cities with the addition of the continuity rebooting every ten years or so since Crisis on Infinite Earths and followed on with Zero Hour, and Infinite Crisis.

Why does DC do this?

The Iconic nature of the characters in comics means that people recognise the character and what they are about no matter when they jump in. When you think of superhero you think Superman, dude in his one piece PJ with his underpants on the outside flying around with a cape flowing behind him.

So DC evolves the characters and shoots them back to the more common iconic state in order to keep the character accessible. This of course comes at the cost of real lasting character development.

So DC does it with a Bang that shakes the heavens each time. Marvel sneak in whimpers and mumbled reasons to do the same thing. It’s rare that character deaths last long in comics but Marvel has mastered the return of characters. Jean Grey and Elektra are just two examples of characters who fail to stay dead.

Add that fact to the stories that return characters to their normal state and you start to see Marvel writing themselves out of long term character development.

That’s sad to do.

Watching Peter Parker evolve under the guided hand of J. Michael Straczynski was awesome. He questioned the origin without ignoring or lessening the impact of everything that’s come before. Of course he left when they rebooted MJ and Peter’s marriage, since it’s been a lame idea from concept.

That is just one example.

How many times does Daredevil leek his alternate identity only to have later on him say ‘gotcha, I’m just tricking you all into thinking I’m Daredevil’. How many times can this guy cry wolf (or Daredevil)?

Yet these recent issues with Marvel have been going on for over a decade.

So Marvel NOW? Yeah I want to see where it’s going to take some of my favourite characters; Hulk, Cable, Nightcrawler, Colossus, White Queen, etc.

I look forward to seeing where Marvel is going NOW and hope they pull me back into the fold.


Next Week: We look at Cyclops or 'the Boys'.