20 Nov 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - Who shot JR?

Well in fact most people shoot the guy.

JR is short for Junior or the Journeyman Warcaster. The only low level Warcaster, not really a full Warcaster, in the whole game.

This model is special to a lot of Cyganr players as mastering the solo is a rite of passage when you play the boys in blue.

Let me explain.

JR is great, got some great versatility as it’s main strength and low scores across the board make the solo look pretty week. Again the ‘Theory Machine’ entries can be found on Battle College or on the Privateer Press forums and I’m not here to tell you how to use the little ‘caster that could.


I’m hoping to explain to newer Cygnar players or anyone who cares, my own journey with the Journeyman.

You see it’s a shame when you’re running ‘jack with JR and he gets off’ed leaving the ‘jack inert. It was a great pair of turns until the JR, all soft and squishy, got herself killed. So I started to only bring the JR to cast and upkeep Arcane Shield instead of running a ‘jack. With some other ‘casters the JR is great to run a Hunter or simply cast a spell a turn for pNemo to garner some extra juice next turn.

Until that one game when JR was all by themselves, alone in the woods. The war was raging around them and the JR looked in panic, trying hard to concentrate and keep up their magics ensuring that the ‘Jack upfront was keeping the benefits of the spell.

The solo that came after JR in this first case eludes my memory but I said to hell with this. Page 5 and this JR has got his/her ‘pair’ on attack. So I used the last two focus to attack and I charged the threat to JR’s life.

It was a slaughter as JR charged, hit, rolled the boosted damage and bought another attack to hit and spend the last focus to boost the damage once again.

All that remained was the surprise on my own and my opponent’s faces as JR stood looking around in the dark, covered in the juices of victory looking a little shocked.

That moment changed the way I used JR. Now when it’s free, JR goes hunting for ‘wabbits’. Most of the time, the ability to boost attack and damage with focus allows you to forget the low end stat line and get the most out of a POW 12 hand cannon. Since then I’ve even been subject to a surprise JR, going batshit and gunning down my Titan Gladiator with some hot boosted dice with its gun.

So as you develop your Cygnar play style, don’t forget about the JR. This little bundle of Focus has a lot of potential. If it’s been a while, pull ‘em out and try something new. If you’ve never picked one up, play around with it and let it surprise you.

Here’s to you JR. You are going to die, but it will be fun watching you hold back the Pale Rider.


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