15 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Letter to the Boss

Dear Employer:

I will do my best to complete the duties that have been assigned to me. I will commit to work outside of the assigned scope of time during times of stress within the organization. I will act professionally in my demeanour, correspondence and deportment. I will try my best and communicate with my assigned supervisor in a clear and fair manner.

This is what I expect from you.

I expect to have a supervisor and leader who is competent and will treat me in the same manner of professional competence as I’ve outlined above. I expect to be held at the same standard as my supervisor and vice versa.

I expect them to communicate with me my failings and my achievements in a timely manner so I may adjust my productivity accordingly for establishing a new standard. I expect them to treat me with dignity. I expect them to be promoted not only on their knowledge and experience but also on their ability to lead myself and my fellow employees towards success.


That person.

Listen up you fuckers who are in charge of other people.

You think that just because you have time in the office that you deserve the promotion. Being good at your job does not mean you can effectively manage and lead people. Leadership skills are a whole other standard of motivation, communication and management that is much higher then simply being a ‘worker bee’.

So shut up and pay attention. Prove you can be in charge and always work towards being a better leader.

For those of you who in charge of promoting leaders within your organization, pick those who will make your teams better. Pick leaders not just those who are good at their job. Leadership must be taught and proven to you before you place that person in a position where they are responsible for the welfare of your employees. Otehrwise you're fucking each employee with their pants on and everyone is simply gona be sore at you.

I work hard to get 'it' done, so must you. Don’t forget your job is much more then being good at mine.