8 Nov 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Dancing

I dislike the human race on most days. As Canada is pushed closer to the eleventh day on the eleventh month, the focus of our thoughts tends to be reminders of our weaknesses.

Where we failed each other and ourselves.

Where it got so bad, we started a global war... twice.

It's still bad in places across the globe. War is still with us, people are still horrible free thinking creatures that seem to have a knack at killing and hurting each other.

Then I saw this.

See you after the video.

When I first saw that video I got sad, happy, and then I became hopeful. If a lout from Seattle, Washington can travel across the world and talk to that many people and do something other then threaten someone else. That kid that rides his shoulders at the top of the world has a chance.

It means the children of my cousins have a chance.

It means my brothers children have hope.

It means the child I hope to father, can live in a world that can be bit a less shity.

We are such powerful creatures, able to harness the nascent elements of reality and shatter bonds at a scale still hard to believe exists. I'm surprised we haven't broken our world. I'm not alone in this thinking.

As the minute of silence lumbers, closer and closer, add an extra step to your walk. Try it out and think that it sucked before, but only so it could get better.

We are really good at being dumb, loud and violent.

It seems we also have a knack at dance.