22 Nov 2012

Thursday Thought - Apple Juice

Well folks, it's happened.
This week, I finally started the move to my computer origins.


Growing up on the move, ment I spent a lot of time with my family.

Of course I come from strong nerd genetic stock. In the early 1980's the Bear family had two Apple IIc's. When we got a colour monitor it blew the house down. When we got a mouse the world changed.

Now don't get me wrong, it also had it hardships. No one else had an Apple IIc. They had Commodore 64s or IBM's... everything else that wasn't Apple. When the Mac was coming out, the old Man changed to PC and it was a blow that started a change in the house. He had to change to PC because the rest of the world only worked on PC.

Even my school board was an Apple School Board before Ottawa went Mega City. The other school boards used PC and suddenly Apple was once more on the ropes in my life. I've spent in my years working for the Man, working with PC's and I'm pretty good at the basics. I know enough that I can fix most issues and I can supervise the new guys who know more then me without pulling the wool over my eyes.

So during the summer I picked up an iPad 2nd Generation. With the Apple Wireless Keyboard the iPad has been my constant companion and school chum. I go nowhere without it simply because it's made my school that much simpler.

Now school is coming to an end.

The Wife's laptop is dying a slow death.

So I started the transformation...

This is the first time I got a new computer and I didn't right away load Microsoft Office.

I now have a reliable place to write and post my blog.

Why do you care? You may not.

I've drank the cool aid and I'm sharing.