27 Nov 2012

Table Top – Losing

So I got my butt kicked on Sunday’s ‘War in the Northland’ tournament.

I got the first round gimmy for being the odd man out and I lost my next three matches.

The Losers
-a great comic-

I had buckets of fun.

I had issues with my terrain in my second game and my third game the dice didn’t play well with me at all. I pulled some neat tricks. My opponents complimented me on the use of the tools in Siege’s toolbox as they completed to kick in my teeth.

As an aside, I needed more practice with Siege. In particular with the fact that he is a toolbox caster and it’s not about planned combos or neat tactics but how you react and implement the various solutions he shows up with. Sometimes the plans works, sometimes the plan is dumb, and sometimes the dice tell you to bugger off.

My worst lost was my second played game. I had pNemo and I got killed second turn two with only the smoking crater of a Bonejack in the distance signalling of any evidence of a battle at all. I was pounded in hard.

That’s life. I shock my opponents hand and turned down the offer to continue playing. I needed the break and I had to focus on my next game. Looking back on the match I’m glad I took it like a champ. I bit down on the soft foam terrain and I was promptly had relations with my pants on.

I see too many players throwing up their arms in the air. Stomping off and grabbing their dudes.

I hate that. I like to treat people the way I like to be treated. I fail as much as the other person but remember three things:

1. It is a game.
2. How did you lose, and will you let it happen again?
3. Will you be a better player?

I lost every match. I learned lots. I think that was the major topic after leaving Wizards Tower on Sunday, learning from the games.

We had lots of people and many who I’ve never played before.

I look forward to meeting some of those folks across the board. I’m hoping to get a rematch against those I lost to. I want to be a better player and an even better opponent. I want people to play me for more then an ego boost because they just junked my army. I want them to enjoy playing me because the win they earned was heavy in effort, strategy and sportsmanship. The win is paid for in the blood and mess of the conflict played out on the top of a table. The victory is flavoured with fancy tricks, moments of awe and reactions of agape mouths.

Kicking the kid in the corner is boring for everyone involved. Its lame and one day the kid will snap and cross the line and Pearl Jam will make a song about it.

I’m sorry that pNemo was not a challenge. I’m working to fix that.