12 Nov 2012

Monday Media Fun - The Could Atlas

Watch this Film
I've not read the book.

The wife has read the book.

We saw the flick together at the same time.

It was an experience that people who's lives are entwined through deed and emotion should share together and enjoy.

It was a great film.

First off the wife did like it but her opinion of the book vs the movie is simple. The movie tells the story better except with the Neo Seoul, 2144 with Sonmi-451 story line where the wife explains is much better done in the book.

1 of 6 sounds like a win here folks.

Now if you up for two great reviews of the flick and the controversy that's exploded on the racial depictions from the various actors I present two links for you.

1. The movie review 
2. The exploration of the issue

So why am I going about this flick when the guy above does it better then me.

Because people need to be told. Watch this flick.

It is simply an experience that explores the experience of the human cycle. The way we treat each other and how that affects us.

If you kick a dog and expect to walk out with a box full of ball points you will get slammed.

Today is the day after Remeberence Day (in Canada) and today people go back to their lives with the previous days events already fading. The lessons learned from those events that have led to conflict, death and loss are slipping away.

Cloud Atlas reminds us we are all connected and their are repercussions to the choices we make.

It explores it so well that the makeup, actions sequences and flowing multi-weaved plot all go to the side lines.

Those gents who made Cloud Atlas; Tom Tykwer who put out shattering Run Lola Run, and the Wachowskis who made the ground breaking Matrix. All three directors have already made their mark in movie making history. Outside of the referenced films in the past lines their is a slew of other films these fine folks have put together.

Yet Cloud Atlas broke the moulds in my view. The experience they crafted so well, with only independent funding is worth your attention. It's not the perfect movie but it's a powerful experience to those who look at the way we treat each other and the connections those treatments generate.