10 Oct 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Ultimate Fight

Marvel's experiment with reviving and telling new stories without hampering the creative staff by limiting use of the iconic characters from the house of Ideas.

In 2009, Ultimate Marvel had the greatest fight in comic history.

Ultimate Wolverine and Ultimate Hulk.

Page two tells you how round one went.
Issue 1, page 2
Copyright of Marvel Comics

Of course their is six issues of story that get put together by the team of Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu. Lindelof is known popularly as one of the co-creators of Lost. He weaves some simple but effective story of Wolverine getting hired to put down the Hulk after the events of Ultimates vol 2. Issue #3. Where they dropped an nuke on the big green machine and it failed to kill him. The first four issues deal with the aftermath of Round One of the epic fight and lead us to the final round in the last two issues.

Yu's art has a unique feel and use of thick solid lines. Both Hulk and Wolverine take to Yu's style very well and it suites them. The broader strokes allow for readers to keep up with the action scenes with getting bogged down with complex details of the characters.

I do like the progression of the plot in the first four issues of the series but after that you're ready for the wrap up and taking two isses to finish the results of the fight rather then have a fight was the weakest part of the book.

All in all I am a fan with what was done here. Yu and Lindelof did a great job and I'm glad Marvel continues to try new things with their Ultimate comics label. But I'm sad one of the big twists has been ignored in the rest of the books since it was shown.

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk is a four. Above the bar but missing some of the last bits that take it to the top. This is even more so evident with the lack of impact this series should have had with the other Ultimate books.

Awe well...

See you next week.