2 Oct 2012

Tuesdays Table Top - Dreadball

My first hobby table top miniature game was Blood Bowl.

The Game of Kings
I had a great Chaos team back in the day, the Blood Fists, and I did really well. I've got fond memories of matches; When Ontos has his itty-bitty zombie, called Bob, brake the arm of my Minotaur. When I left no more then five Dwarves on the pitch come half time and three of the casualties were deaths. When I played the Dark Elves and the other guy got mad when he won 8 - 0 but I had removed every player in his team, even if I had scored on every turn, I would never have been able to win the match.

Those were the days...

Welcome to the Future, welcome to Dread Ball.

Mantic Games is running a kick starter for their miniature sport board game; Dread Ball. It's looking good, the game that is. The mechanics look simple and easy to pick up. They lack the unique dice that Blood Bowl had. The game is a type of 3 goal Lacrosse rather then American Football.
Lacrosse, brought to viewers and Pirates alike
by Sterling "Duchess" Archer
There are only three class of players; a Player who hit/hurts/kills/block other players, a Player who scores, and Player who can do both. Their is also a sub class called a 'Keeper' like a golie of sorts. The objective is to get a player into a score zone with the 'ball' and throw it into the 'net'. In each score zone there is a bonus point area farthest from the 'net' that earn you another point if your player scores due to difficulty, like some sort of 3 point throw line in Basketball.

Their seems to also be MVPs, fancy tokens and a whole slew of other stuff. The success of the Kickstarter has been so good the stretch goals have been all opened and Mantic is running to make more. With all the little extras, like plastic board, 2nd season and 3rd season (expansion content) development, and other swag the game is taking off.

Is it fair to compare the game to Blood Bowl? Probably not. Is it going to happen anyways? Sure has. Will GW get off their ass and redux Blood Bowl and fully support it? I don't think so. They will probably do a re-publish at a limited quality and then drop it. Did I spend cash on this? Sure I did. I'm not advertising for it, they don't need it and the Kickstarter is closed by the time this comes to the Internets.

For my teams I'm thinking of naming them after favorite teams of my family and friends, using the colors and slipping references to their favorite club. Looks like the Humans might be the Terra Corps Arsenal with their rivals the Ironstone Ravens (Charging Pun), and the Starmine Stealers (Brother Bear) and some neat names for the other teams who are sorted groups of mutant rat folks, femal corp, greys, old gods, space fae, poorly made clones and teleporting upright dino riders... yeah looking good.

Rule #4: Figure it out later, usually tend to.

So I'll you posted when my backer reward shows up, until then watch the Video and Enjoy.