30 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - IKRPG (part 2)

 Ontos tells us we are surrounded and we have a choice. The city watch are being led by a corrupt watch Captain and has brought close to thirty six city watch and zealots disguised as the local citizen watch volunteers.

“Surrender or die.”

Vandread looks at me and Forgotten Virtue and tells Ontos to set up the table in the other room.

Ontos asks “You sure.”

All three of us nod knowing it’s 3 vs 36 and the fight will be epic.

Iron Kingdoms Core Rules

So last Sunday, I took a break from the world and played with Vandread and Forgotten Virtue with Ontos running the session. It went well and we had a blast. To get an idea without me having to re-hash my  previous post here.

To give you an idea, Vandread is an Ogrun, Mighty, Man-at-Arms/Military Officer, F.V. is playing a Trollblood, Gifted, Earth Sorcerer/Fell Caller and I’m an Iosan, Gifted, Gunmage/Rifleman. Ontos is running the only two published intro adventures that Privateer Press has put out and has mixed them together for a single adventure.

It was simple to build our crew. We each created three characters in the same time it took to make a single character in most systems the first time through. We set up ourselves as an Arcane Guild in a poor district in the city of Five Fingers. We had connections established with the city watch Capitan above who was helping us earn the approval for our Guild Charter by the city council.
With the intro statement, it failed to go the way we wanted.

Fighting in IKRPG is so well done. Ontos has a slew of minis and paper terrain with a 4x4 table in the other room. Before getting to his place, he had already set up the table for our first expected encounter. Guards posted outside the door and the street was described as dirty water pooling from the ever-present rain blanketing the night. I had to say it didn’t take much to envision the street dark and ominous, rain slick and covered with flicker shadows. Images of Frank Millar’s flick Sin City came to mind. The encounter went by quickly and we got used to the combat rules and the slight differences between IKRPG and Warmachine and Hordes, which all four of us played.

This continued, we moved from the couches while role playing and to the table for encounters. Each time, we took a few minutes to set up the paper terrain mixed with some Games Workshop terrain that Ontos had lying about. He picked models that fit best the roles needed and we pulled out our own individual minis from our own collections.

Combat flows quickly, and there is a ever present sense of tactical awareness and emersion in combat when you switch to the miniatures. The aids were a real help is establishing each fight and encounter. There was never a moment when players or the game master were confused with what was going on during the fight. This itself was noticeable from the get go. When you play with no models, maps or other aids, there is a stress that permeates the whole encounter as players strain and think to figure out what is where and who is who. This relaxed sense in the combat was a new feeling and I look forward to it once again.

The break in character as we moved from Role-Playing to Tactical was minor and easy to slip in and out of. Less experienced players may not find this transition to be as easy and end up focusing more on the tactical elements of the game. Ontos was able to quickly react to our choices and the flexibility made the mechanical part of the game less awkward.

By the end of the night we were almost thirty minutes over the allotted time we gave our women. We had fun.

The game is well put together and so far the extra’s provided online by Privateer Press are enough but more are needed and in good time. I hope they continue to produce free-pdf’s and other extras between full physical releases. So far the quality of the product is awesome if not a tad pricey. I pay for quality and after the announcement of a shortage of copies at the manufacturer level, seems so do a slew of other gamers.

I can’t see the game played without the minis. Coming from a group of players who have hundreds of models between the four of us and buckets of paper and plastic terrain it was easy for us. For newer gamers or first time gamers who don’t have the same selection of minis to use it will be a bit harder.

IKRPG will not replace D&D, Storyteller System, Pathfinder, etc...

IKRPG will be another branch to the Warmachine and Hordes games that Privateer Press produces like Games Workshop’s old specialist games with Inquisitor. IKRPG game is a more deep and designed as a role playing game with minis, when compared to Inquisitor who is instead a detailed mini game with some role-playing rules.

My score still stands and I look forward to our next session.