23 Oct 2012

Tuesday Table Top – the Army Painter

As I came into Warmachine and Hordes I was itching to get back to the table. I watched the Games Workshop machine with envy as they produced more and more products that I wanted to play.

My issue with Games Workshop at the time was the money needed to build the armies I wanted and the time it would take to put them together and paint.

You see I dislike painting until recently. The hobby had no solution to this issue and I was unable to cross back into the world of little soldiers and small fiction battles.

Then a mate showed me ‘the Army Painter’

I was already looking at Warmachine when I was shown Army Painter and their products. Suddenly painting looked less like a timeless chore and more like a quick way to make my forces look awesome.

Combined with the fewer models and lower cost of full armies I suddenly found myself feeling more confident with the ability to put out a table top force quickly and still have them painted.

It took me just under a week to get started.

I’ve used inks and washes to fill in the lines and add another layer of depth to my models. Afterwards I simply spray them with a protective coat of varnish and the forces are done.

Quickshade is a messy but 2 in 1 solution to the above steps. There is three tints of stain applied to a gloss varnish. With a simple ‘dip’, shake and removal of excess Quickshade your little dude is done and finished.

To give you an idea on how nice this is. But using a simple red base and doing up some simple details taking about an hour or so Ontos has models ready to ‘dip’. After dipping his units and working them over for another messy hour, he was looking at close to fifty marines painted and ready to be based.

I have to admit once again, it takes practice to use the Quickshade. You’ll need a place that can get messy and another to let the models dry out with good ventilation. The product works well and the protective shell to the models is always a nice touch. Ontos has started to spray a Mat Varnish afterwards and it really looks great.

Army Painter has a large selection of ‘rattle cans’ to base you troops the colour you want without having to do layers of brushing. I used the Pure Red to base Tzar’s Khador starter force from the Warmachine Two Player starter set. I had his ‘jacks done in about day start to finish. pVlad and pSorcha were also almost done. The Man-O-Wars took a while since I put a lot of detail on them but still I’m glad I was right to painting.

Without the breaks and interruptions, I spent maybe four full hours, cleaning the models, magnetizing the ‘jacks, basing, painting, and ‘dipping’ the whole force. The Menoth force has been the issue and so has time. I used a very simple but effective paint scheme and with the Army Painter tools it was done quickly and well.

The colours are nice and work very well, but I’ve heard some complaints about the white but I’ve yet to give it a go. My black cans work well and get the job done. I do notice that the spray paint is prone to chipping unless you get a varnish on. Also the texture is solid for gripping paints you brush on.

- The Army Painter Brushes -

I like the feel of these triagular brushes. I'm rough with my brushes but these brushes really kept up longer then most that end up in my tool box. They even just released a brush called the 'Psycho' due to the size of the brush and the level of detial it can do.

Compaired to the selection that's floating out their the bristles are not the best but the brush handles feel great and I get less cramped while use these brushes.

- Final Score -
In conclusion, go out and give these products a try. They are all scored a four, even if I wanted to give the ‘rattle cans’ a five.

So go out there and get back to your brush work. Enjoy the cheats these folks have come up with.