18 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The week of hell

Sorry folks.

This week as been a bit of a fuck up and the posts have been put on hold until this weekend. With school, my two jobs and getting time to hit the table or play video games its hard to get it all done. I've burnt through my buffer of posts and the blogg is low on the list above.

I have two jobs to my wifes displeasure and one is going well and the other 'volunteer' job has not been going well. Right now, it's looking to get put on the block. Doing this could affect my 'paid' job. So juggling things here is harder then I want it.

Game wise, I'm finishing the posts for XCOM and Dishonored, both are great games. Table top wise, I've had only a few mins to do any painting over the last two weeks and no time to play in the league I paid cash for.

So all in all a week of hell. See you all on Monday, bright eyed and bushy tailed.