25 Oct 2012

Thursday Thoughts – Getting it out there

I’ve been writing poorly for the last little while... well since the mid 1990’s when I realised that I was not good enough to draw comics and I was getting more into the stories then the fancy artwork.

I loved reading so the leap was not surprising.

So I started to write things down.

Of course if you've read my previous entries you can tell I have some issues with languge mechanics and spelling. I have a learning disability and spell check only does so much.

I'm still writting and I'm not giving up yet.
At first it was poetry as I sought out my voice. I was figuring out the combinations of words that struck a cord in me. I found evocations that ran wild in my mind and I started to really ‘read’ what I was reading.

When I felt comfortable I started on short stories and followed that by brief narratives. I explored plot and characters through running sessions with pen and paper role-playing games. I moved on to more complex arcing stories and challenging narrative and plots.

I got close in 2005 but it never bore fruit.

That hit me hard. Hard enough to force me to focus on my education and the need to practice the craft.

It’s one of the reasons I write on this blog. I need the practice. I need to work with the words and form thoughts out of them in such a manner that I can grasp the attention of another human being willing to look up from their own state and read what I’ve come up with.

I’m coming close to finishing school. My essays are getting better each time. My work on this blog has been very useful in helping me discern my voice from the multitudes that litter the internet even for only a few people to read.

Life has gotten in the way and prevented putting out a post when it is most needed. Keeping the discipline has been one of the greater challenges I’ve set for myself with this project and the others.

Once I’m done school, I’ll be back at the keyboard. I’ll have the time to waste away at the words that rumble in my brain seeking to exorcise and disgorge from between my ears.

I’ll be seeking out artists at the conventions, approaching anyone who is willing to listen and possibly join me in working on my comic. I’ll be submitting to the journals, anthologies and agents. I want my novels to be read because I think they may be worth the time. I have movies rambling away in files littering my computer. I’ll flood the world with words from my hands.

Until then, it’s pretty hard getting it out there.