26 Sep 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Marvel Now

DC had its huge reboot of the their current titles a year ago. Now one year later as DC is into the 'zero' issues of the 'the new 52', marvel has announced a massive reboot to its current title line up with the event Marvel Now.

They already tried this once and it ended up with some neat stories but due to the popularity of the X-men and Spiderman from the films they just killed off everyone else to restart in another dimension. When it was well received by readers who got to enjoy the artists of Image Comcis coming back to the place that instigated their genesis it ended up that was all a dream by Mr Fantastic's kid.


So this October Marvel, the 'House of Ideas', is trying it one more time. Here is a run down of what I`m looking forward to.

Cable and X-Force: Cable is back in charge of X-Force the team he founded with the New Mutants. It was the height of the 90`s boom era of comics. Superman and Batman were beaten and dead, Wizard magazine was important to comic news and Image Comics was about to be born. Children growing up into adults and trained to fight the coming war of of humans versus mutants.

Now we have a neat looking team with some favorite characters who`ve been left to the side or have not been used as well as they could have in recent stories. Cable has been a time traveling daddy to Hope before hunting down the Avengers, Colossus was the holder of the power of Cytorak (power of the Juggernaut) and the Phoenix (recently in AvsX), Domino was with the second last iteration of the team being led by Wolverine before getting punted for the current X-Force team (named Uncanny X-Force). Forge and Dr. Nemesis have been on the side lines.

So they have my interest and I`m interested to see what they`ve got planned.

- Indestructible Hulk/Red She Hulk: Recently after the Hulk comics had some of the best writing since Peter David under the control of Greg Pak. When his run ended they made another Hulk comic that has failed to meet the standards. Some neat ideas but the execution has been... not very good. I was looking forward to it but then the Hulk jumped the shark (well he beat up the gama shark) and the most recent run will be one of those Marvel character histories that will be best forgotten until someone else picks it up to use in a more positive way - we hope. Red She-Hulk has been with the defenders and doing stuff but keeping out of the lime light since Pak put the his Gama story making pen down.

Hulk is joining SHIELD. He and Banner are their most powerful asset and I`m looking to see where they are going with the character. Red She Hulk - aka Betty Banner (nee Ross), gets her own title and I`m also looking to see where that goes. She has some great history and tons of potential I just hope they use it. I'll be keeping a close eye on these hoping for another great run for the Hulk and his 'gama family'.

Thunderbolts: Bad guys turned Heroes. Worked well, revolving door roster to keep it fresh and had some good stories that always surprised readers in the past. I liked the idea and some of the versions of the Thunderbolts but it never took. Until now...

Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is the Red Hulk for quite some time now. Leading a team made up of Venom (Flash Thompson), Deadpool, Elektra and the Punisher. Outside of the name reference, which I think is very clever, I want to see this do well. Deadpool works best with a cast, his run with the current X-Force was ok and his solo book has moments but I'm still not sure about this current team up. He's always better with other characters. Punisher was never a team player and I'm interested to see how they use Frank Castle. His most current run has been pretty good and well received by some critics but joining the team creates problems with his solo book tell me he's only a short term member. Elektra is the girlfriend of Daredevil and keeps getting killed but she also a major solo player. She was on Ross' last team, or version of this one during the Code Red story arc. Only Venom, who is now Afghanistan War vet minus legs until he got the Symbiote, has the look of a team player about him. I'm want this to work, I just hope it does.


Jean Grey is coming back, Cyclops has a new visor and Havok is a member of the Avengers. Nick Furry is now like the movie version, which is originally the Ultimate version. It's a mess of possibilities that hopefully does as well or better than DC 'the new 52'.