25 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top - Making Time for the Table

So life has me by the balls, just like everyone else.

I play a slew of games and I'd love to spend my days around the table.

Alas I have to have a life. Work, family, mates, etc... the table is my hobby.

I work to find time for it.

When not taking classes at night to finish my Bachelor of Arts I work two nights of my week towards my hobbies.

Wednesday is for the Kingmaker campaign, for Pathfinder by Piazo. Last May, we finished book four before we took a break for the summer allowing me to do even more school. We started playing it around September last year (2011) at an average of two months a book. Once school is done, we'll get the last two finished and put the Kingmaker story to bed.

We'll meet up by around 1830-1900, we're in full swing by 1930 and we close up show close to 2230. It gets late but it's a great way to close off hump day.

By the by Pathfinder did a great job with Kingmaker and I'll be reviewing it later.

Sunday is my wargame night at the Wizards Tower. Before I also played downtown at Fandom II on Thursday since I had close to two hours to wait around downtown for the wife to get out of work. Since I've moved away from the downtown I'm not showing up there as much as I'd like.

Sunday is showing up and putting the minis on a table, rolling some dice, and playing a good round or two before I head home and get ready for the work week ahead. The store closes at nine and by the time clean up is done and we've finished telling war stories in front of our cars to the low light of the parking lot lamps I'm home by ten.

Now with classes for three hours twice a week, I've had to cut my Wednesday game night out of the picture until classes are done. Priority is to the education that will earn me the wages I need to play on the table and throw those dice to kill my own minis since I don't kill the other guys. Sunday is still on the docket because if I can't make it no else will be put out.

Making time for the table is hard sometimes. I've got a mate who just had a little girl. I see in the future gaming and throwing dice while the wee baby ******, coos and gurgles baby like noises in his arms. He's not the only one, a few of my family and mates have kids/having kids and making time for their hobbies is a challenge.

As far as I understand the table is a pretty static structure around sober people. Life is more fluid. Working around the table and including it as needed is a better choice then living on the table. It may have made a great fort when you were eight and the living room was void of blankets, pillows and seat cushions but better halves won't stand for it... or crawl in and hang out to think of it.


Enjoy the time at the table but don't forget life.

Remember your fort in the kitchen does have easy access water but no shower, and unclean gamers get no 'real' sex.