11 Sep 2012

Tuesday Table Top Fun - The Journeyman League

Privateer Press has a great product. You need less then the British Workshop of games when it comes to models and books. In many cases the models themselves are cheaper in price.

The community the surrounds the game is another bonus. The support of the players, the volunteers and the company is brilliant. The events have character and add depth and variety to the game. The events make you want to play the game or expand and develop no ways to play. Events are an organized excuse to pull out the minis and gather with other like minded folks. 

One of these events is the Journeyman League.
The Journeyman League is designed for new players. New players counts as brand new players who are just getting into the new game or an experience player picking up a new faction. The idea is you play the pre-determined battle boxes and each week to slowly increase your force.

Now I’m using this to finally jump into the Skorne swinging at everything else that gets in the way. I’ve been looking at picking up Skorne since Dec 2010, but I waited for the plastics and I've only recently picked up enough dudes for a 25 point force. 

As you grow your force from battle box to 15 points in the second week you are limited to continue to play everything in the battle box but you’re now allowed to add infantry and support models. I’ll be looking at adding a minimum unit of Pain Giver Beast Handler and a Void Spirit.  

In the third week you add another 10 points for a total army size of 25 points. This is where the armies get larger. Units of infantry or support is the more common choice at this point in the league for most factions. For me I’ll be adding a Bronzeback putting me at the 25 point range with one model.

The games really start to heat up in week four. Players stay at 25 points but now are allowed to swap out and switch their ‘caster/’lock. I’m not sure on who to swap in but this is the first time players get to try out the ‘caster/’lock of choice is the not the one provided in the battle box. Also from now on the player must still continue to use the models of the battle box but the ‘caster/’lock is of their own choice.

In week five, the points go up the last time to 35 points. ‘caster/’lock is up to the player but they still have to have the rest of the models in list. This is the smallest tournament size and players are really getting into their forces. They have picked up and learned trick, tactics and net little dirty plays. I’m not sure what to add at this point but I’m still thinking and I have time before I get to this point.

The last week, week six, is a 35 point free for all. No limits in the army list, the starter box is used as wanted. Gloves are off, the last five weeks have been training now its time to hit the table hard and drop fools.

As you complete weeks in the league you get patches that combine to form an Iron Kingdoms rank from one of the militaries in the fluff. Last Year was Cygnar and I’m still a little sore I missed out on putting a full Cyganr rank on my army bag. This year is Steel Heads, the most prominent human mercenary company in the Iron Kingdoms. I’m hoping that Privateer Press does change the ranks again since I’m not that big of a Mercs fan.

So if you’re in the Ottawa area, look up the local game store. Hit up the Ottawa Warmachine Forums and jump on in. If you live somewhere else, ask about a Journyman league and pick up a box. It’s a great time to start playing.