27 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts – The Meat Wagon

Looking fit and being fit are two different things. Looking healthy and being healthy are two different things. You look at my mate Longsword and you may not see much a normal looking guy with fancy sunglasses. No six pack, no huge arms (aka the pipes) just a super smart dude.

Then he gets in front of his aerobics class and you find yourself struggling to keep up with the uber smart wanker. He’s been working towards higher levels of fitness in order to support a healthier lifestyle. He’s been doing it long enough that he’s changed his life and now help others change their own.

I hate working out but I love doing things. Sometimes I wish they were the same thing. Not liking what I’m looking like and needing to improve my physical fitness levels I decided to change my habits.
Working out is designed to improve a level of performance of an activity while doing things, is simply an activity performed. Be performing a regular physical activity one will become more healthy. Increasing your level of regular activity with bursts of exercise and a more healthy diet helps you to not only become fit but also look fit.

I look at my cousin ‘B3’ and he’s watching what he eats, bikes in most days to work resulting in about forty minutes on the road for eighty minutes each way. He is the classic fantasy Dwarf. Short, tough, loud as needed and bloody strong. Lets just say I like being on his team when we play football but I also enjoy the challenge he presents when I’m facing him across the field.

He’s got a super awesome wife, two little girls who will kill you with cuteness. With everything else in this code monkeys life he not what he used to be. Some parts are bigger and some parts are smaller... yet I still dislike getting hit by him... he is not the same guy anymore.

He noticed this before anyone else. In most cases we see it happen before anyone has the courage to tell us directly that we’re changing.

His wife helps, feeds him well and encourages him. He bikes in, sometimes he runs at home. He’s made a change. Since then, he runs 10 km races.

Oh did I mention that B3 and Longsword are both Spartans.


So I walk into work. I spend about forty minutes walking one way towards my place of employment or towards my home. The wife runs and is getting closer to her own personal goal. We both changed our eating habits.

We are seeing a change.

For me the cost is time. I lose a hour plus a day walking. With everything else I do, that time is precious. I get plenty of time to zone out, imagine, think and wonder before I need to plug back into my life and get shit done.

If you hate the way you feel and the way you look change your day and watch the food. Unless you make your activities a regular planned thing just by changing your day with an easy to do activity makes a difference.

Maybe if you do that and take some time to improve you can join Longsword and B3 on the field and walk amongst them as Spartans.