6 Sep 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The How Blog

Well last week I told you all about changes to the site and where my future posts are going. Yet while writing a Wednesday New Comic Day post, I asked myself while reading it over, “Why are you doing this?”

I’ve already explained why in the first post. Some of those reasons are the same. Well most of them are the same. Some have changed; some have become more poignant and taken a place of importance in my life list of blog priorities.

So I guess I’ll explain the process.

In the words of Montell Jordan – “This is how we do it.”

I have a word file on my work desktop. It’s a typing electronic scratch pad where I mumble ideas into a form of language and where I type up the rough drafts. I used to type directly into the blogger web tool but I need a spell check.

No folks I have a language disability. I need a fucking spell check.

After scrapping the fount of ideas and scooping up a floater from the head space. I work with it a bit and work out the title and the intro. Most times, I type in big bad capital letters ‘BREAK’ so I know where to insert the code for the preamble.

After I rip though the keyboard, my fingers do get a bit sore after ‘Punching the Keys’, Finding Forester style. I get back to work, before I muddle with the blooger web tool to post the blog.

I preview a few times and then once I’m happy I pick a date and time and press publish.

As of this posting writing it’s 28 Aug 2012. I’ve already finished next week’s posts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So I’m always a week or two ahead with the nerd topics. Thursday’s posts are only a week ahead.

With the new Friday posting, I expect some inspiration to force my hand make me wail on the keyboard, banging out anger and rage only for some poor sod to read later in the week.

Seeing as you are that poor sod, I’m sorry. I hope reading my poorly edited shit doesn’t feel like a waste of time.