19 Sep 2012


So folks that read my dribble you have noticed missing posts.

Last week, work took over and when that happens, I write my posts on the weekend.

This weekend I got sick. Really sick.

I took Sunday easy, but after making an appearance at the Wizards Tower for the Sunday game night I had to pull out early. By the time I got home from the 15 min drive. I had a full on fever kicking my ass. It's on and off with such strength that I had to hit the medics today.

They were a bit worried. Normally when I get a flu and I need some meds, they give me a day or two off and send me home. Today they ran tests, and gave me three days with a series of "If this... go to hospital."

So this week is a bust. 

My days are fever dreams of TV, internet surfing, and pod casts. Always falling into more dream then attention and waking to have to find my old place in the chosen media before being able to repeat the cycle. I get the odd, hour in the day to gather enough gumption to do something other than; shiver, shit and sustain myself.

On the good news, I've got my school sorted so I can finish my last exams in December. Bad news, life is gona get tight one last time and my only Hobby night is for table top minis on Sunday.


Well I can pull out as needed without effecting anyone else, it takes up less time, and it closes at 2100. So I'm home before I get turned into a gourd.

Next Week Topics -

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