22 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - What I want to read next

Recently there have been few comics that have grabbed my attention. I’m happy there is enough that I have something to write about every week at a minimum.

So this week I’m going to ramble off a few story arcs; past, present and future that I am looking forward to reading.

One: Death of Spiderman (past)

Folks if you’ve read the Ultimate Marvel Comics, you will already know that Peter Parker dies. Yes folks, Marvel killed off a flagship character (albeit in a secondary world and continuity) and he’s not coming back... that I know of. With a whole story arc in the Ultimate Comics: Spiderman, Peter Parker falls. I’ve read the ending. I’ve snuck my look at the last pages while standing in the comic shop and I was close to tears. Now I want to read how it happens. How Brian Michael Bendis killed off Peter Parker. If you’re not sure if you want to read it, know this:

The final page shows Uncle Ben, his arm over Peter’s shoulders. Peter is looking up at Uncle Ben, dressed as Spiderman sans mask. He looks tired as the two of them walk towards the light. Their backs are to the reader. There is one speech bubble on the whole glorious page.

“You did good kid” - Uncle Ben.

Why the fuck would you not want to read that, you monster?

Two: Return of the Joker (future)

Google return of the joker and look at the work Capulio is doing. Scott Snyder second story arc for the Batman series is the return of the Joker. Now this character has seen little light since Dark Knight showed us one of the best interpretations of the character. Comicevine and Wikipedia tells me the last time Joker graced the pages of DC, he had his face cut off. Well it’s new 52 time and after the Court of Owls Story arc (review soon) I’m looking forward to this new and first serious use of the character since the DC Reboot.

Three: Dancer (present)

From Image comics, this series has been getting some fancy pants reviews. I like comic stories that are more then dude and dames in underpants with abilities that question how they make poop and not destroy toilets. Examples include; Losers, 100 Bullets, Y the Lastman and Strangers in Paradise.

So Dance is a spy thriller. People say it’s good.

That’s all I got in order to avoid spoilers, and this looks like something I don't want to spoil.

Next time, I look over the court of Owl's crossover.