15 Aug 2012

Wednesday New Comic Day - Is Valiant Back?

Valiant comics, ahh those were the days. Inheriting the various pulp comics of the silver, golden age and everything else, Valiant came to term at the same time as Image comics. With more mature writing and ground breaking concepts it was against the frequently tardy but flashy art of Image who’s idea of Mature was violence, blood and semi-pornographic ladies.

Was I an Image fan? Yes. Did I read Valiant? Yes, but not as much as Image.


Backlash, WildCATS and Team 7 were my favourite books and characters. They still are today even if they no longer exist since DC took over the Wildstorm studios from Image, buying out Jim Lee and his partners.

I liked X-O Manowar and I enjoyed the HARD Corps. I read the comics and put them back down on the shelf. I was working at a comic shop at the time and had limited resources when it came to picking my ‘payment’ that week.

Jim Shooter who used to run Marvel took up arms brought some great writers including Barry Windsor-Smith (he created the Weapon-X background for Wolverine and did the Marvel Comics presents storyline that has become so famous) and a few others. He event ran a program that would train people to make comics the ‘Valiant’ way... the greatest of those grads was non other then Joe Quesada.

His partner in founding this comic publisher was Bob Layton who is one of the two guys who made Iron Man the guy that lovable drunk womanizer that Mr Downey has made portrayed into film. The multi suit, Justin Hammer rival, drunk genius...

Yet Jim Shooter lost control of his work.

Valient exploded and was bought by Acclaim, Jim Shooter spent less time with his creations. When Dark Horse picked up the rights to some of the Valiant Characters (those from Golden Key; Solar and Magnus) Mr Shooter started up once again.

So Valiant is back new company, new management and some of those great characters and comics are also back.

Will this time be the time that the Valiant finally win long enough to stay?


I want to see where Gilad (the Eternal Warrior), Aram (Armstrong) and Ivar (the Timewalker) end up. Rai, Dr. Mirage, Ninjak and the whole Harbinger series of books could use a new lease on life. X-O Manowar and the Armorines need to hit it up again.

Sorry folks, seems a portion of my wasted youth has come back forcing memories back to the front of my head.

Let see what’s next.