9 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Ippon

So the 100 m race is about to start. A dumb ass drunk throws a bottle and turns to his left when the dutch woman next to him calls him out. He smiles and tells that person to bugger off, then she shoves him... hard. Now since she also happens to be a three time Women's Judo Olympic medalist, we can guess how well it went for the dumb ass. It takes a few mins later for him to be carted off and arrested for being a dick head.

So some simple advise, no matter who you are. There is always some one out there who is ready and willing to show you how to pick your own teeth off the ground with broken fingers. There is always someone who just remembered that the pocket knife in their jacket is really good at punching holes in your cars tires. Their is always someone smiling long enough for you to cross the line before the short dude tackles you into a defensitrated state.

You walk into the ring and you may face Rocko who hits you so hard your required head gear will fly off for the third time that match (1min, 39sec in this video). Yes Rocko is almost a decade and a half older then you, but he smashes because he loves. He loves to knock the shit out of dumb them folks in their early 20's with a attitude, some training and a six pack. Imagine you meet Rocko in a pub and you want to start a fight and ruin his night.

Rocko is a nice guy, he calms people down, chats with them and talks to everyone so they can all walk away. He does not look like he'd hurt you. One time he placed himself between a large crew and half a champion highschool football team. It was 8 vs 12 vs 2. The bouncer pulled out and closed the door. He was not going to get involved. Rocko and his mate, some ass named ... urm D (for sake of hidden identity), told the young drunk pups how it would end if it got ugly and then Rocko talked to everyone until it was calm and beer flowed free and peaceful for the rest of the night.

You see in Canada, we like talking... we also don't mind hitting. It's the link to hockey, the thuggish reputation of our woman's football team (soccer) and our love getting hit by trees that stumble in the way when we whiz down the hill/mountain/gorge in some piecemeal contraption made from beer, stuff and good intentions.

Now if you ever get the chance to meet up with my good mate Rocko, no one else will show you a great time. That gregarious son of an ass, loves his wine, his woman and... well I don't know his taste in music, but his skill in the sweet science is only getting better every week. You see, Rocko knows that their is something bigger then him. He's had the chance to train with them or even face them across the mat, he's smart enough to avoid getting their less social attention. Alas he's a smart guy, a brave guy who's got your back but someone who learned being a better person helps avoid the fights you don't want.

So in the immortal words of Will Wheaton "Don't be a dick", with the addition of "because one day someone will not be civilized enough, to refrain from hitting you until you don't get back up."

Just another reason, albeit more practical as reasons go, to be more pleasant to the people around you.