30 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Future and the new FU ?

So I finally came up with a Friday Topic. It will be a bitch out with some hopefully constructive commentary. This will also mean that my Thursday Thoughts posts will be more thoughtful and less ranty.

Also this September, I look to be completing the last two courses I need to become a graduate in University. So my time will be limited but I expect to be ahead of the game with the posts and have them ready and on time.

So August is almost done, summer is over lets take a look at the future.

More future inside.

Mondays will be a mix of film, TV, Music and Game reviews. I expect that the fall will be a busy time as it’s the major release schedule for all the AAA games. I expect to be looking at and playing enough. Here is a brief list of stuff I’m looking forward too:

Assassins Creed 3 - A new time for the ground breaking series with some new mechanics and a needed jump of the overarching plot to coincide with the newest game engine.
X-Com: Enemy Unknown - Isometric tactical warfare minus hex and grid. Customizable advancement and newly previewed table top style multi-player. A great return of a classic.
Dishonoured - Free roaming, do as you please, mission sandbox, first person, assassination game from the folks who made Fallout: 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim. Done.
Hitman: Absolution - The return of 47 with a new team under Square Enix who has been cleaning up Deus Ex and Tomb Raider (due March 2013). Plus they've just released news that the orgional voice actor and model for 47 has been hired to work the game. The mini game as the pre-order bonus was a great snack. I’m hungry for the main meal.
Far Cry 3 - Far Cry 2 was the best shooter I’ve ever played (Future Post). I will play Far Cry 3. No other FPS allowed me the freedom to pick, plan and perform my missions in such an open, reactive and persistent world.

Mentions include Borderlands 2 written by the minds from 'Hey Ash What ya Playing'. Halo 4 as the start to 343 furthering of the series post Bungie. Along side we have COD: Black Ops 2 with sound scored by the brilliant Trent Renzor while Resident Evil 6 is only on my radar because they are keeping Co-Op, the only aspect of the previous game that was done well, and the return of Leon Kennedy, my favorite character of the series since introduced in Resident Evil 2.

Tuesdays will be some more reviews of Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes and Heavy Gear. I hope to get some Arena time on Terra Nova while recording my results of the Journyman League with my Hordes faction; the Skorne. I’ll also be doing some more faction reviews and I may even call on some of my mates to provide the posts when I'm wainting to post about their faction. Outside of school and work, Sundays at the Wizards Tower look like they will be a welcome refuge to recharge my batteries for the upcoming week. I may even post some paint jobs I’ve completed.

Wednesdays will not be lacking reviews or comments. The Comic World is about to blow up with Marvel Now. DC got a bunch on the burner with the 'third wave' to the 'new 52', Zero issues, and a full years completetion since the re-launch. With some new titles to be collected in time for the Holidays, I also will be reviewing some older comics and going back into my vaults of issues and TPBs to bring some more comic knowledge to light.

Thursdays will be still here and the Fridays will be only twice a month as I take time to format my argument to more then a simple and basic fuck off.