16 Aug 2012

Thursday Thoughts - The Cash Vote

We have the power!

No, no He-Man and She-Ra. We the person with the cash has the power.

That’s right folks we have the power and no one tells us for fear of being one day voted off the consumer market.

All the recent woes with the banks, economy and even Hollywood have forced me to look at where my coin goes. This year has been an expensive loss for many a studio, John Carter was a huge loss for the mouse and Total Recall has not raked in the expected levels of cash. Future films like GI Joe 2 and the new Great Gatsby film have been pushed back to next year.

What the hell is going on?

Are we demanding more for our media? Is the consumer becoming more guarded with their cash that they could be called discerning? Is the nerd in all of us saying that only the Avengers and Batman are worth the cost of business?

I have not a fucking clue.

No one does.

I do think that this is going to start a slow change in the various markets. We don’t have as much cash as we used to. The richest generation in human history is starting to die off. We the next in line have accepted debt instead of a lower lifestyle and then the bubble popped.

So now with reality facing us square in the junk knife poised, ready to start slashing until we put away the plastic. It seems we have decided on where what little of our cash goes. Because of that, there is less going around. Cuts are being made and it’s at the returns of these movies, games and even software (War Room, from last Tues is a good example).

We demand more for our cash.

We have the power. Studios seems less likely to risk poor quality flicks for those that will earn cash. There is two types that earn cash, the ‘cool flavour of the time’ film, filled with pop stars and reality TV style events, and the quality film. The Avengers is the best example. It was good in almost every sense and way. Nothing was wrong with this flick to the point that it would make some think about buying a ticket.

So producers of our stuff, pay the fuck attention. We’re voting now. The votes are only going to get harsher. Sony, Nintendo are loosing money for ignoring their fans. Games Workshop has to be suffering, evidence is in the cuts. Films are dying on the floor.

It will get worse unless you make it better.