21 Aug 2012

Table Top Tues - Faction Review ‘Cygnar’

I’d say I play three main games on the table; Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes, Corvus Belli’s Infinity and Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear. I’m looking at Dystopian Wars, Bushido and Merc’s but unless money falls from the sky, they are to get little love. Even Hawk Wargame’s Drop Zone Commander looks neat enough to throw cash their way...

When I took up the dice and joined the Privateer Press fan club in Nov-Dec 2010, I plucked my third choice. You see I have the habbit of waiting to see if anyone else will play but by doing so they tend to pick the faction I’m looking at to play and for sake of fun I find myself choosing the middle of my list rather then the top. Yet this always turns out well in the end. My favourite Khador ‘jacks are now going plastic and when I started Retribution was having problems keeping up supplies of the models.

So I play Cygnar and because I play Cygnar I’m a cheater.

There are plenty of places that tell you about factions so I’m just going to fill in blanks and give my favorites of the faction. I’ll also avoid ‘caster/’lock reviews since they are the crux of your army and it would be most ignored portion of the post.

One: The Cheating is Fun

Cygnar has the best tech and in most cases that advantage lets them cheat. No other faction has so many gameplay elements that outright change the way the game plays. Most factions have increases and decreases to abilities and attributes. Some of the feats are just more expansive and inclusive spells and effects. Cygnar has more, they bring to the table full effects that are very different from the common line that the other factions are beholden to. They have rules that make 'jacks act like horse, or shut down enemy jacks, warp time and fix things from the brink of destruction to factory fresh. In effect, Cygnar cheats.

Two: My favourite ‘jack - Defender

When you look at a Range 16, Pow 15 gun you hope the card you’re reading belongs to you. I look at it all the time, even when I don’t use it, just to make me smile. The Defender has the biggest, longest range gun in the whole game to an always available model. Now it’s also RAT 6. Wow it’s an average RAT on a big gun... well the counterparts are lower with an average RAT of 5. Great ranged game here... but wait there is more!

I has a cortex busting hammer with P+S 16. When it hits, lose a cortex box and then do some damage. With a buff the Defender is hitting as hard as any melee monster ‘jack in the Cygnar catalogue. Speaking of which, there is not a single ‘caster in the faction that does not love the Defender with buffs and abilities. In fact there is quite a few ‘casters that have more then one thing to give the Defender making it one of the best ‘jacks in the game and my favourite of the faction.

Three: Best solo - Squire

Most people say the Journeyman Warcaster is the best solo we have in faction. Hell as per topic 2 above, Jr (for short) loves my favourite ‘jack. So why the fuck would I not put this guy on top? Cygnar needs focus, we may not have any Focus 5 ‘casters and we do have a few that break the 6 but our abilities and spells take up so much juice we never have enough to go around. This is my main reason for thinking that Squire is the best solo of the faction.

It also increases the control ranger by 2”. If you are familiar with some of the feats Cygnar sports you wish this little guy didn’t do that. The re-roll the first missed spell is so overlooked, when I see to many players boosting the attack roll. So three rounds with an extra focus and everything else, Squire is the best solo.

Four: Unit of Merit - Black 13th

These three people are so fucking cool. True 28mm models look great. Also their rules are just bloody awesome. They are such a toolbox you feel naked when they are not kicking around. It’s funny when you see them light up a stealth target, finish off a heavy and run around causing general mayhem. I was hoping to not include the character unit of the faction but alas they are just that awesome. Not for every ‘caster or for every play style but understand if you bring them and think about them, they will do something for you.

Also the fluff quote is one of the best in the whole game.

Five: Future Sightings - Sword Knights

I don’t have one model, yet I want them. I love the way they look and they can be a real boon with the right ‘jack. I love the fluff and that’s why I think the Sword Knights are Cygnar’s most interesting unit. I need to still pick them up and find a way for them to be in my force.

So that’s why I play Cygnar. I’ll do other like this for other factions and other games. I’ll avoid what most other sites do and focus on why I think this or that faction element is awesome while filling out some blank spaces I keep seeing.